Sunday, 13 August 2017

"W" is for......

Saturday was an early...ish start to the day.
The Teens were going to a Beach BBQ Bible Study day.
It was being hosted by friends, who have the pleasure of owning a renovated barn just minutes walk from the beach!
Oh what a dream house aye!
However I ought to add, they have also had great tragedy in their life so it never pays to look at someone's life with green eyes.
It's so unusual for Hubby and I not to have the Teens at home with us ( at least one of them anyway) we couldn't actually think of another day when we had both been home without them!
"What shall we do?" we thought!
"What was on that list of to do things when the kids weren't around?"
Well seems there wasn't actually anything on our to do list, other than try and sort out the garage, yet again!
It seems no matter how many times we de junk it, it gets filled up again...and never with a car!
The plan was, to have it empty enough to fit Teen One's car in, but that isn't even vaguely possible with the tumble drier still down there and also a lovely supply of wood for the winter.
It does however look much better than it did and we have a fair idea of what is in there finally!
Freecycle is a great invention and I have managed to give away lots of useful items over the years, but I never cease to be amazed at the thoughtless people you come across through it!
I advertised our old church piano, which has nothing wrong with it, but is never played, our musician preferring the organ.
Having advertised an expensive instrument as Free  it wasn't surprising to receive several requests for it...
...but I also said Collection only...
so why to people then say "can you deliver?"
Just how am I do deliver a piano?
So I add to Collection only...
"will need a van and at least two strong people"
and still I get responses like
"just had a quote for £70, can you do for me instead for cost"
Well £70 IS the cost for that company who you got a quote from!!
Not only do some people want things for free, they don't want the inconvenience of arranging collection!
I thought we had an interested party on Friday, who even said they were moving so had a van that day and would collect it at the end of the move... I keep my laptop near me whenever I am home (not having a smart phone) and at 9.30pm eventually send a message asking how the move has gone, to be told they had taken the van back and no longer wanted the piano!
We had even gone to the trouble of going to church to move the piano into an easy position for them collecting it, to save them time and wonders why we bother sometimes!!
Saturday we were still in the throes of discussing collection arrangement with someone, only to be let down at the last minute.
Looks like this piano will be going to landfill sadly.
The day soon passed and it was time to collect then Teens, then make the long drive up to the Midlands for Teen One's annual camp week.
It was a journey fraught with moments of terror for Teen One.....our sorting of the garage had included a trip to the dump...which included taking some bags of garden waste which had been stored against a wall for a few weeks.
When Hubby picked them up he noticed a ton of woodlice behind the bags.
Well seems there was also a ton that made it into the car and periodically along the journey we heard a squeal from the back seat as yet another louse crawled around Teen One's seat!
At one point we pulled over and attempted to find where they were all coming from....typically we found hardly any, and yet moments later they came out from their hiding place to terrorise her again!
She has had a hate of woodlice since she was little when our old conservatory was full of them and they used to work their way into her toys/art stuff....and dead ones were just as obnoxious to her!
By the time we got there the sun was setting, thankfully the tents were all up and sturdy, but her camp bed cover seemed to have shrunk  since last year and Hubby had a real job trying to get it to fit onto the frame!
We then left Teen One in a distinctly chilly camp field whilst we headed out to a nearby Hilton!
It had been a long and tiring day so we were thrilled to have been upgraded and be able to fall into comfy beds with a hot drink.
We had a lovely night's sleep and felt a tad guilty to receive a text from Teen One at 8.30am to say she had been so cold in the night she barely slept and was going to wear her hoody tonight!
And there we were still snug in bed!
We eventually forced ourselves out of bed and down to the buffet breakfast, where a full English is the order of the day for the men...and I did have one or two bits of it myself, but prefer the muffins, pastries and fruit option really.
The lads then had a swim, whilst I sat by the pool having a read and attempting a crossword.
I did have my knitting with me but just wasn't in the mood....we all need a day off I guess!
The long drive home was tiring as usual, but the boredom broken somewhat by counting how many apple trees we passed on the roadside.
It doesn't seem a year since we were doing that!
I always wonder if one of them is as a result of Hubby throwing out his apple cores years ago... sure he was not alone in doing that so probably not, but its a nice little muse anyway!

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