Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thank You Mr Bank Man

This morning started off with some much needed ironing, a bit of photo sorting  (should have got MORE frames though!) and then a walk round the shore, which is just 10mins or so walk from our house.
Yesterday was such a dreary day I really felt like we needed to get out and blow the cobwebs away...and blow it certainly did!
We stopped off at Swan Lake to see if there were any cygnets, but they were all in hiding... we went in search for as many wildflowers as we could find...
...with the intentions of looking them up in one of our many books, and making ourselves a little more intelligent, although remembering them is another matter altogether!
The more I try and capture the beauty we see on our daily outings...
...the more I appreciate how amazing other people's photography is!
I used to think "oh what a pretty picture of a flower"
But now I appreciate the art of actually showing the flower in all its glory...for example you could hardly tell these columbines ( I think I have the name right!) are pink and white stripes, but you would never know from my poor shot.
I guess its all in the angle of the light, the aperture, the camera etc.
So I apologise for the poor quality pictures, but hope they give you a little insight into our day.
As we got closer to our destination, the path had a few houses, which had amazing views and I was very tempted to sneak into this garden and collect the fallers!
However we had seen several apple trees on the common so we will return in a few weeks to fill the freezer.
Our walk is very popular with dog walkers and we thought this was a friendly gesture outside someone's gate, leaving water for the passing pooches.
We finally made it to the family restaurant, where two meals cost just £8.99, of course with three of us we can't maximise on the discount, but never mind.
We played our usual game of Uno whilst waiting for our order, which was a lovely way to pass the time, whilst overlooking the sea.
Sadly my camera ran out of charge on this photo so you will have to imagine the scene we were blessed with!
On our way home I decided on a "short cut" which like most short cuts wasn't as short as I had expected...however it was shorter than the walk out.
But it was one of those "meant to be" times as when were appeared out of the blackberry bushes to the main road that runs near our house, a car tooted...I didn't take any notice, but then saw a car pull in by the bus was a family friend who we haven't seen in a while.
We couldn't have timed it better had we tried!
So we had a quick catch up on her daughter's wedding in Verona and promised to meet up very soon to see the photos.
In these days of Bank's coming in for a lot of criticism for one reason or another, I felt I ought to fly the flag for Banks today, after ours called me  whilst we were out on the walk.
Last week Hubby had been sent a cheque for our church as a small gift bequeathed to our church.
The sender obviously wasn't sure who to make it payable to, so made it payable to Hubby.
We therefore, banked the cheque and wrote one out for the same amount which we gave to our treasurer.
He then banked it and today it was presented to our bank.
The reason for the phone call was, they wanted to be sure I was happy with the signatory....which was Hubby!
It would appear its been so many years since he signed a cheque the bank wanted to be sure it was bonafide!
Funny thing is, because he hadn't written out a cheque for so long, he got me to double check he had done it correctly!
I must say, I was surprised the Bank took so much trouble to check a signature, I would never have thought they would bother!
I was very grateful for the efforts they made to contact me too and felt in these days of one scam or another, our Bank was out there looking after our financial interests.

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  1. well done Mr Bank Man - its nice to know that there is back up!