Thursday, 10 August 2017

Stick To The Made From Scratch!

The weather was pretty miserable Wednesday, so the morning starting slowly, a cuppa with some toast and a catch up on some blogs....which always makes me want to dedicate a day to nothing but crafting!
There are so many talented bloggers out there, it really is inspiring, how rich our lives have become because of the internet don't you think?
My late grandmother would really have embraced this new technology and I can imagine her home being filled with all manner of UFO's as she embarked on the latest craze!
One of my goals yesterday was to identify the herbs in the selection I had bought in Lidl's last week....
...I am fairly confident the small variegated leaf to the right is lemon thyme and the larger leave to the right is oregano, which I learnt is closely related to marjoram.
I found a recipe online for lemon thyme yogurt cake with ginger syrup so may get Teen One to give that a go today.

I was in a bit of a sorting out mood  and advertised on our local freecycle page a few items,
some vintage toy patterns...
...a spiralizer I bought cheaply last year, which was such a faff to use and wasted so much of the veggie just didn't seem worth the bother. I did keep the wastage and freeze for soups and casseroles, but I decided for all the setting up, washing, faffing and wastage I would prefer to buy a pack at under a pound when I felt the urge.
A local family has often been on the receiving end of my ads and we often joke that I am on a mission to empty my house and fill hers!
She had the above two items yesterday and I then listed a single pink curtain, which bizzarely her daughter had asked her to look out for the other day!
I suggested she just give me a wish list and I see if I have it in the house!
Its  good to know things I have held on to for years but know I will never use are finally going to a good home.
Teen One spent some time making up sweet treats from a Christmas stocking present a year or two ago.
I had actually thought the moulds were much smaller than this and thought she would like to make jewellery with it using polymer clay, but they were way too big for that,
however she had a play ...
...and created some cute little treats to share out.
We had a friend coming for dinner, so made a lemon meringue wasn't marvellous on two counts, the pastry was frozen shortcrust.....something I haven't used before, being a made from scratch girl....and I wont be buying this brand again, it was a non descript brand ( not jusrol) and was in the reduced section ( hence my reason for buying it!) but it really wasn't good....almost crispbread in texture!
Not only that, the mile high look I was aiming for failed miserably!
However everyone seemed to enjoy it,  but agreed I should stick to the home made pastry!
Despite the heavy rain all day, there was no sign of a leak in the conservatory.
What a relief we thought, the builder has finally got it sorted.....sadly no.
Late in the evening when the rain was nothing but a light drizzle in the air, down came the familiar drip.
It seems the silicone sealing he did at the weekend was not in the right place or up to the job, and the new bars he bought to replace the original ones will have to be put up, which is a days job sadly.
It is so frustrating that such a small drip is hard to find.

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