Friday, 11 August 2017

An Eventful Day!

I am loving the slow starts we have been able to enjoy this week.
I haven't actually had lie ins as such, maybe a few minutes, but have just spent longer over my first cup of tea of the day, spent longer ( than I should have probably!) surfing the web, took longer to get get the picture, just generally taking it slow.
I took my usual trip to Lidl and was pleased to see a garden storage box in their middle aisles ( the only aisle Hubby ever goes to when he is in the shop!)
It said, "no tools, just click into place"
Well just how hard can it be I thought....yep....THAT hard!!
The Teens and I did our best to be logical, look at the pictures, study each piece carefully....but nope, my blood pressure started to go through the roof, so we decided there was no choice but to leave it for Hubby...well we've got to let him know he has his uses haven't we!

Teen Two helped me in the garden, doing some much needed weeding...

....and he had a little helper too!

Teen One made some flapjack, inspired by a friend who said they had made some with a
 white chocolate and yogurt topping.

I searched for a recipe online and found this one.
It is delicious!

When Hubby came home, needless to say, he didn't need to look at the instructions and in minutes had the unit all put together!

It is really roomy and will fit in the bunny hay/woodshavings, which are bulky and take up too much floor space in our already full up garage,
and there is plenty of room for the garden furniture cushions, in the winter and when it rains in summer, they take a long time to dry out so on weeks like this week when we have heavy rain one day followed by days of sunshine, it will be nice to have somewhere to quickly store them.

Hubby also put up my new gazebo looks sooooo much better!

Hubby thinks The Range have used different fabric this time, so hopefully it will last longer than the last one.

I busied myself with the usual chores and digging out a suitcase for Teen One, who goes to camp tomorrow....I had thought I got the right one out earlier in the week before I rearranged the little attic storage space, but nope...I had to pull it all out again!!
But the BIG event of the day was going to collect Teen One's car!!!
She drove home (with me as passenger) with no probs.
Being an older car it has some knocks and rattles that are a little disconcerting when you have only driven a new car, but it has passed its MOT and been taken back for one of the noises, but our friend's daughter was assured all was well, so Teen One will no doubt get used to the noises too.

Hubby will give it a quick going over to see if there is anything he can do to quieten it.
Its going to be sat on the road for the next week now though, and later next week the "black box" will be fitted.
Do all mums worry this much when their children get their first set of wheels or is it just me?
"The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want."


  1. As Elsa would say .......... I am sure that all Mum's worry but she has passed both tests and I am sure she will be fine x

    1. Its not her...its the other idiots we come across on the road!