Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Chilling With Friends

Last night I discovered today was a special day for some friends of ours, their Pearl wedding anniversary.
I had it on my calendar as their 29th not 30th!
I wouldn't normally send a card outside of a special celebration, so was annoyed for not having the opportunity to buy them a little something to mark the occasion.
I wasn't even sure what 30 was, and having googled one of the first links to come up was "Not On The High Street" and the above picture.
What a shame we didn't have time to order anything like that I thought....but then I thought..hang on, we have a printer, card, frames (thanks to my Ikea visit last week!) maybe Teen One could take inspiration from the card and do her own version....
...which is exactly what she did, all in the space of less than half an hour!
We made some changes to the bottom half and respecting personal information means I don't feel able to share their names and their family member names, but I was really pleased with how it turned out.
With the "dummy" print I even made a card, cutting out their names and date of the wedding.
Its days like that I am glad we have stash of one sort or another in the house!
This morning we hand delivered it and whilst we weren't there when it was opened, their subsequent text showed they were bowled over by the gift.
My friend knew I had got the year wrong last night so she would never have imagined receiving a personalised gift a few hours later!
I suggested Teen One come up with some of her own designs and sell them online, some research is needed first but it might bring in some pennies for her to try and recover some of her insurance money yesterday...although its going to take an awful lot of selling to do that!
We then headed out to the country to spend the day with family friends and meet their new foster children.
Both are temporary, the little boy was very sweet indeed but we only got to see him for a few minutes as he was off to spend the day with his siblings.
The sixteen year old asylum seeker was very quiet and pleasant.
One can only imagine the turmoil that goes on in these young lives, never in one place very long.
Teen One and the Teen spent some time playing table tennis then Find It and Teen One managed to get the tip of the penny to show in the new game we recently bought.
They then made a friendship bracelet using these wheels, which are very effective and easy to use...
...The Teen was very pleased with her work...
...as was Teen One, with her daisy pattern.
The poor weather meant we had to abandon the planned BBQ and country walk, so it was some screen time with Teen Two whilst Teen One and I went for a drive in her new car....she did very well and we cant wait to be able to bring it home later this week.
Wherever animals are found, so is Teen Two...
...with Percy the hedgehog being one of the more unusual pets we get to see!
My friend and I drank tea, nattered, did a crossword and of course some knitting...
...my friend was making an aviator hat for her grandchild...who is almost 2...
...hmmm....something seems to have gone awry with the tension...it fitted Teen Two perfectly!!!
We did have to laugh, the little six year old had seen her knitting it yesterday and said
"Please can you NOT knit me one of those please?"


  1. We love making those braids too. Thank you for your offer on the toy pattern but if I am honest with myself I don't think I would get around to making any, it is really nice though. Your blog is lovely by the way. Jo x

    1. Thanks for the swift reply, charity shop it is then :) x

  2. mmm -maybe I wouldnt want the hat either!