Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Bay Leaves At The Ready!

This morning was spent tidying up the attic, we had pulled out all the suitcases to find the swimming gear the other day (the suitcases are used for storage) and of course it was the bottom case that we actually needed!
I took the opportunity to reorganise the small storage space we have up there...but now wish I had taken time to label what is in each case as well!
Oh well...if we get too organised we will be bored....right? Wrong!
My late neighbour's son came to show me round his new house, and to share the news he had an offer of the asking price on his current house!
He is thrilled as it means he wont have to worry about claiming back the tax on having a second home in the timescale.
His new house is very nice, apart from the fact the previous owners had a passion for dark grey, every room is painted like it, so gloomy and oppressive.
However that is quickly sorted and my advice was sought on new colours...that's hard when we are generations apart and him being a male as well, so I did the easiest thing and agreed with all his suggestions, even though they weren't my cup of tea...I don't have to live there do I!
What is really great is he has a drive way for three cars...bliss in a busy city!
He hasn't managed to park anywhere near his current home for years and if he comes home late in the evening has to park half a mile away or more sometimes!
He is also in a few minutes walking distance of a Lidl and Coop so he can pop out for his paper and enjoy a short stroll each morning.
I am so pleased for him.
The Teens and I drove along the shore a bit, in search of a nice tea shop for lunch.
A friend of ours really rates the Witterings, so we set off to find her favourite tea shop.
Sadly we couldn't find it  (not helped by not knowing the name!) or anything that looked half way decent, so we headed off to the beach...
...and bought sausage and chips for the Teens...
...which they enjoyed, and I just pinched a few of their chips.
I can't say they were particularly good chips either...I think possibly frozen rather than the usual fresh ones we usually get at chippys.
The beach had the advantage over ours of being part shingle part sand, so Teen Two enjoyed some digging, whilst Teen One and I people watched.
The one good thing was there was plenty of space, we may go again, but take a picnic next time.
The walk to the seafront had some pretty cottages along the way, and we rather like this beach hut bunting
On the way home, to make up for the disappointment on not finding a nice tea shop we stopped off at McDonalds for one of their scrummy frappes each, my first this year!
Back home Teen Two cleaned out the gerbil cage.
He has been worried they haven't been eating as much as usual recently, so asked if we could buy some fresh food, which we did yesterday, although I couldn't think there was anything wrong with the food they had, it is dried after all so doesn't actually go off.
He had also mentioned he had seen a few bugs around the cage area, so I told him to show me one next time....
...well that astute lad was correct, there were indeed bugs around the cage and they were coming from the food!
We have been buying the food loose in The Range for a while...and it would seem they have an infestation of weevils!!!
It was a good job we cleared out the old food and also the cage today.
We went through the storage box where all the gerbil paraphernalia is kept and cleaned that out.
We think the area is now bug free and having checked online there is the thought that bay leafs may keep them away, but the main advice is to not buy in bulk, which we don't do personally, but I guess the shop does.
 I intend to take this bag back to The Range and show them, and suggest they clear out the containers.
Whether they will offer us any replacement remains to be seen, but I will want a pre packaged food bag this time not anything loose from their self service containers.
I think I may check the containers out first as well as see if there is any evidence of life there!
Teen One sat in the conservatory and amused herself with some sketching...
...whilst I kept myself busy washing the bedlinen in the attic, making the most of the dry windy afternoon to get the quilt out on the line.
I also managed to fit in cutting the grass, whilst the plumber came to service the boiler, which has an intermittent problem.
Fingers crossed it keeps working for when we have visitors in a couple of weeks!

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