Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Back Home With A Heavy Heart

This morning the Teens and I went over to Southampton for breakfast at Ikea.
Their £1.50 "one of each" brekkies are ideal and such good value.
A friend had mentioned they offer free fruit/pureed fruit for children for every adult meal bought, and could I pick some up when I was next there.
Needless to say I love a freebie and getting a useful freebie for someone else is even better!
The main reason for going to Ikea was to buy some photo frames.
I have decided I want a gallery wall in the conservatory, and dug out a pile of old framed photos/embroideries that I thought might be suitable, but didn't like the mishmash of frame styles, so have bought a pile of cheap ones, different sizes but all the same simple style, and am hoping it will "come together" as they say!!
We then walked into the city centre and mooched round the shops.....I always look at Auntie Anne's pretzels with fond memories of a very long drive to Niagra Falls a few years ago.
We stopped off at a service station and smelt these pretzels being cooked, so bought some...their basic cinnamon ones are sooooo scrummy!!
I was a good girl however and just had a whiff of that lovely aroma and a glance at the sign to bring back those warm happy memories.
Teen One was after a pair of new shoes for an up and coming family wedding, so we left Teen Two tinkling the ivories and went in search of some pretty shoes,  but was disappointed in the limited styles currently available everywhere...
...they are either extremely high with pointy toes...which she hates...
..or very chunky heels and toes...almost glam rock, which she likes even less!
So its looking like wearing the pair she wore to the last family wedding...well she may as well get her money's worth aye!!
On the way home we took a detour to Hubby's cousin, who was in remission from brain cancer.
Sadly he had a seizure in the shower yesterday and  was rushed to hospital.
There is bleeding from the tumour and he is very poorly.
The oncologist had "that" conversation about rescusitation, which must have been very hard.
So one can't help thinking this is the start of a sad journey for them both.
She sent a very sad message this morning and as we were so near I decided to pop in for a proper hug instead of the usual cyber ((hugs)) I send her.
She was just on her way to hospital with her two daughters so I am eager to hear what today's news is.
Back home ( and isn't it easy to walk away and be "back home" to normality, albeit with a heavy heart, which is so far from their doorstep) it was time to cook up the blackberries....

...sieve them into the pre cut apples ( hubby doesn't like the pips) to cook and let the apples absorb that delicious purple nectar...
..and turned it into a bramble flapjack...which is simply the bramble mixture in between two layers of flapjack, its always a hit and we have visitors for dinner tonight ( hence a dessert midweek!)
The rest of the day has been dodging the very heavy rain to get the washing in the tumble drier, which is still in the garage as of course there was no chance of getting any washing out today....I cant wait until we get a new tumble drier, but at the moment we are making do as we have been spending too much money of late, so its a case of only buy what we need ( and I figured we did NEED those photo frames!)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your news - it has been a difficult year all round hasn't it?