Monday, 7 August 2017

Another Milestone For Teen One

This morning was my usual Monday morning, and after visiting my Recycled Teenager, doing the shopping, laundry and a light lunch, the Teens and I headed off to church to do a bit more sorting of the store room.
Its starting to come together and we hit on the idea of buying those cheap document wallets to store all the templates/cut outs used for craft work and then kept in a lever arch file....takes up so much less space (before they were piled up on a shelf and were always muddled up) and so much easier to look through.
We have an old piano at church, which hasn't been played for years, we have an organist who only plays the organ and Teen One isn't confident enough to play in public, so it has been decided to pass the piano on to somewhere where it will be used
This company will collect for free if it meets their criteria, so I took photo's today ( leaving my camera there by mistake) and have emailed asking for their opinion.
The sun came out unexpectedly whilst we were at church and the heat got to us a bit, so I treated the Teens to their second frappe of the summer ( me too of course!)
We sat and overlooked the sea, enjoying the view and chatting about nothing in particular, just making the most of not having to clock watch.
When we finally arrived home, the Postie had been, and Teen One's Pass Plus certificate had arrived!
This meant we were now able to buy some car insurance for the car our friend has generously given her!!
Talk about another milestone, it was very surreal seeing all her personal details entered into the price comparison sites, I really am not sure I am ready for this stage!
For anyone out there wondering how much it is going to cost their teenage (or should I say, under 25) child for their first years insurance...think BIG!
Even with Pass Plus, and several other things in her favour, after a few searches, we went with More Than, at a tad over.....
Add onto that breakdown and recovery for just under £100...
Tax at £150... was a big hit on her savings!
Thankfully she hasn't touched her student living costs loan so was able to pay for the whole year in one whack, making it cheaper than instalments.
Having a black box is a given nowadays, and we will receive instructions on where to have it fitted in the next few days.
Hubby and I are insured to drive it, which will be very handy to have a third car for MOT/poorly car days.
As it happens, we are going to spend the day with my friend tomorrow and meet her new foster children ( one only temporary) so Teen One will be able to have a test drive on the road, instead of up and down our friends drive.
Teen One isn't quite brave enough to drive it all the way home alone on her first outing, so we wont be able to bring it home with us, that will have to wait until Hubby is available to take the three of us out and then me be able to go with her.
As part of our lunch contributions, we are taking along some jam jar puds.
Teen Two has been making them, orange jelly with a Jaffa cake for layer one, then mandarins, butterscotch angel delight, custard and finally we will add whipped cream and a Jaffa cake to top it off with.
The Teens have been helping out around the house this afternoon, Teen Two helped with the laundry and sorting out what could be recycled from the rubbish we brought home from church, Teen One made the dinner.
Being a stay at home mum has meant its not been so easy to assign regular tasks, as most things are already done when they come home, but having spent time in friends homes and seeing how their teens respond to being asked to do a particular chore, I am very thankful that my own Teens never grumble at being asked to do something, they just get on with it with no argy bargy or they may inwardly groan of course....who wouldn't I guess!
Hubby has come home with the determination to replace some corroded screws under the car....a simple job...not costing a lot material wise....but boy is it turning into a tricky task!!
I am keeping my head low and staying well out of the way!
Those garage mechanics sure earn their £50per hour rates!

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