Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Where Can I Buy Some Diplomacy?

This morning I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager, and have thought today is Monday ever since!
We did our usual visit to Morrisons, but when we arrived she felt exhausted before she had even started to wander up and down the aisles, so I suggested we use the in store wheelchair.
She was delighted with the idea, although a tad embarrassed that "it had come to this!"
Needless to say I didn't mind at all.
The only snag was I had to leave her in the foyer afterwards, whilst I then zipped round and did my shopping as it was too hot for her to wait for me in the car.
Returning to the car, I unpacked both trolleys and then went to take both trolleys back, I pushed one and pulled the other.....the one I was pulling decided to do its own thing ( as they do!) and swung rung 180 degrees and promptly bashed me on the heel...ouch!
Painful was not the word...but I managed to refrain from collapsing on the floor in a heap and balling my eyes out, merely hobbled back to the car as if nothing had happened.
When I finally got home and took a look I realised quite a chunk had been taken out!
Ouch...no wonder it was painful.
Now Hubby is home...ever the "Mr Health and Safety" he thinks I should go to hospital and have it glued together....hmm...have opted to put a plaster on in instead!
Whilst I was out, Teen One had her final Pass Plus course lesson, which was motorway driving, and thankfully passed "exceeding" all the criteria, so that's another hurdle crossed.
A close friend of ours is having some car exchanges going on within the family, and one car is surplus to requirement, so they have offered it to Teen One!
I am delighted and terrified in equal measure!
Hubby fitted the downstairs loo in last night...bliss...no more having to go upstairs in the day time!
I do have one small problem to tackle though....
for some reason he bought grey sealant....this picture doesn't really show how awful it looks!!!
He is not going to be best pleased when I try and suggest we get the same colour as the rest of the conservatory...which is much lighter than this.
Every time I have seen it today it has jarred on me, I just don't think I can live with battleship grey!
I will need to use every ounce of diplomacy I have to raise the subject....doing things once is bad enough he says.....to do it twice is torture!!

After lunch I took Grandma to hospital, as its a new section of the hospital I had hoped it would be air conditioned......err wrong!
It was unbearably hot and I almost gave up knitting, but eventually spotted an open window so moved myself nearer which made the wait much more comfortable.
Whilst waiting I suddenly remembered, in my haste to do my shopping this morning, I had forgotten to pick up bread and had used my spare one from the freezer, so when Grandma was out we popped in to the nearby Tesco.....I saw these pretty patchwork style bags....45p!
I picked up a couple and Grandma bought one too!
Very Cath Kidstone looking don't you think?


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  1. Lovely bags - and at that price you just couldn't make them!