Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Whatever Happened To "Time Is Money?"

My goal today was to reclaim as much of the dining room as I could.
Find a place in my new storage unit for things I was keeping, and homes for everything else.
It's taken the best part of the day, but the table is now clear as is most of the floor.
There are still one or two homes to be found for larger items, but the room is at least habitable again....
...there are two boxes to go to charity....
...and just the small matter of things piled up on the stairs!
My new storage cupboard has swallowed up way more than I thought and still has plenty of room with a bit of rearranging.
Amongst the pile of stuff to be found a home were these couple of selection boxes!
Teen One thinks she ate hers, so Teen Two is in for a pleasant surprise later!
We also found a tub of Celebrations, goodness knows who they belong to, but we will all enjoy them that's for sure.
I also found an old box of cutlery, which Grandma had found in her house and asked Hubby to take to the tip.
Well we couldn't do anything so wasteful, especially as this retro style is used in upcycling these days.
So I uploaded them onto Freecycle and within minutes had someone interested.
I must confess, some of the cutlery looks like it has silver stamps on the handle so I have kept them back to get valued.
In between sorting the dining room, there was of course the usual laundry to be done, and whilst putting some away I noticed the damp traps needed replacing.....
...what I couldn't get over was the difference in colour!
The one on the left is from Teen Two's room and the other Teen One!
She assures me she has not been using it in the middle of the night!
She wonders if its anything to do with hers being next to a plant....who knows, but very odd!
A few weeks back I called in to my local The Range enquiring if they sold replacement canopies for my gazebo.
I was very disappointed that after only three summer it was green with mould and the fabric was perishing.
I was told they didn't, but if I emailed the Head Office they may have a spare one, or offer a replacement.
I duly did this and yesterday received a reply that the canopy was only sold as a package with the frame and given a little lecture on how to look after it...all of which I had adhered to.
So, I emailed back expressing my disappointment and asking if they might have a word with the sales department regarding getting extra canopies made.
I told them I felt it made good financial sense to offer customers a replacement as it would keep us returning to them etc.
Well....this morning I had an email saying they would now do this and gave me a link to buy a replacement!
So I am delighted with that as I really love my gazebo but could not stomach having to fork out for a new frame and canopy every few years!
A couple of months ago we switched power suppliers and so far everything has gone smoothly.
We had an email a few weeks back from our old supplier asking for a meter reading so they could do a final bill and assured us they would send the meter reading to the new supplier.
I was a little surprised therefore to receive an email yesterday from  the new supplier reminding me they needed a meter reading.
Oh well, it doesn't take a couple of minutes to do it online so I did it straight away.
Imagine my surprise when the door went this morning and it was a man wanting to read the meter!
I asked who he was working on behalf  of and he said Npower...the new supplier.
I said I had only just given them one but let him in anyway.
He took the electric reading, tapped it into his machine, then went to leave...
..."aren't you going to take the gas reading as well?" I asked
"The company who supply me with the work only ask for electric today......but I will probably be back tomorrow for the gas reading as that is requested by a different company!"
I was astounded and he said it made for very awkward return visits, and many customers vented their frustration on him, and he too found it frustrating as often customers weren't in on his second visit!
Whatever happened to time is money?
Teen One has been a terrific help today.
She did various loads of sorting out for me, all of which would have added to the already long process of sorting out the dining room.
She also made a chicken and mushroom pie for tonight's dinner.
I love the way so little goes to waste with these fellas around,
I always hated throwing peelings away for some reason!

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  1. It must feel fantastic - getting your house back into some form of order. As for switching suppliers - Dad is still struggling with that one!