Sunday, 16 July 2017

Weekend Catch Up

Saturday morning was a flurry of activity...once we finally got up!
Hubby did his best to get the downstairs loo plumbed back I miss it!
But we ran out of time so whilst its in situ, its not actually usable, hey ho, always another day.
I spent the morning baking....banana bread to start with, with a lime butter icing and crushed pistachio on top....
...and the very familiar Oreo Brownies.
We were going to a fun and fellowship YP day after lunch and this is always a big hit.
Lunch was quick and easy, chuck in a load of veggies with potatoes and sausages and leave it to roast, add a generous handful of baby spinach leaves just before serving.
We all like this, although Teen Two tends to pick out the peppers!
We picked up a young Malaysian student doctor, who is studying at our local hospital for the next six months, and took him out to the country for the fun day.
He has already established friendships from churches he has been to whilst studying at other hospitals, so he was no stranger to many, but certainly to us.
He was very easy to get along with.
There were several activities going on, games of various sorts and of course the all important food!
Hubby and Teen Two are sitting here enjoying their BBQ meal.
Late afternoon we heard the call "Puppies are out!" never saw some of us move so fast!
Several of us ladies had been sitting nattering most of the afternoon
(and knitting I might add!) but when we heard puppies were around...whoosh!
Needless to say Teen Two was straight there too.
The garden was full of children on the floor with excited puppies jumping all over them, it really was a happy sight!
Whenever we go to such event, we always take our "Find It" game.
It is always a draw and everyone wants to have a play with it.
Its a very simple game, find items from the list provided...but the elusive hidden penny is the hardest.
In fact in the many years we have owned this game, it has only been seen, very briefly, once!
I usually say "find the penny and I will give you a pound"
Well yesterday I raised the anti a bit and said, "I have been saying that for years, its time to come in line with inflation I think...find the penny and I will give you a fiver!"
A few adults spent some time looking for it, then a young teen had it for five minutes and yelled
"Found it!"
Well of course I didn't believe her....but when her mum said she really HAD found it...
well...I just had to pay up didn't I!
Over the years many people have not believed there is actually a penny in we took a photo for proof!
Of course everyone wanted a bit of the action after that and a group of kids sat down for ages all watching for the penny to turn up!
And eventually a group of dads took charge, each with their own theory on how to get the penny to appear....needless to say none of them succeeded, which is just as well as I only have 50p left in my purse after paying the teen her dues!!
I suspect there could be some sales over the weekend after that!
Today has been our usual church activities, with the difference being we had the Malaysian doctor with us for the day.
He loved our roast dinner and said it was the best he had eaten since being in the UK!
I accepted the praise as humbly as I could, but was of course secretly delighted, especially as for us it is just normal fare!
He is very interested in history so we gave him a mini guided tour of our area, from the car, which is steeped in history.
He is very easy to have around and we are looking to forward to spending more time with him in the coming months.

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  1. Wow -the elusive penny - glad that you took a photo!