Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Walking On Eggshells!

Well we sure had some thunder storm last night!
Great for the garden that's for sure.
The weather wasn't too special this morning so we decided against an Aqua Park visit and instead opted for a beach car boot sale about 10miles away.
I had packed Hubby up with a  jam jar salad for his lunch and thought I would do one for the Teens and I as well.
Teen Two doesn't like salady stuff, so used up some left over pasta, mixing it up with tomato ketchup and garlic mayo, with some chopped baby spinach and cubes of mozzarella cheese.
The car boot was pretty well attended, but we didn't see anything we wanted to buy, except a glow in the dark fidget spinner for Teen Two and a cake each from a lady who sells amazing bakes.
With the cobwebs blown away from the windy sea front, we returned to the car to enjoy our salad and cake...
..Teen Two really enjoyed his pasta salad...
...and lemon pie.
We popped into a nearby retail park, with the intention of buying Teen Two a pair of new trainers for footy...and ended up buying two casual pairs of shoes as well!
En route home we stopped off for a Belgian chocolate honeycombe frappe for the Teens....I prefer the caramel one which isn't on sale at the moment....just as well I guess!
Back home I pottered around doing bits of housework and some cooking.
I made a lasagne for my late neighbour's son, who is going to have a cataract op on Friday, I thought he might appreciate not having to cook when he comes home.
Teen One spent some time on her artwork, and Teen Two indulged in some bunny hugging.
Going back to yesterday and my need for some diplomacy...well I wasn't sure how to raise the subject, so decided to bide my time.
But then a conversation came up that seemed ideal to introduce the subject in a light hearted way...
...hmmm....lets just say it went down like a lead balloon!!
Walking on eggshells kind of sums up the rest of the evening!

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