Saturday, 29 July 2017

"Shut The Door!!!"

As today is our last Saturday of the holidays without any commitments  (frightening thought!) I was hoping to get lots of bits and bobs done...more importantly that Hubby would manage some DIY jobs for me.
I usually wake bright and breezy...ish and was intending to get up early, however, when I woke at 6am I didn't have any energy to get up, so turned over for a quick snooze.... thing I knew it was nearly 9am and Hubby was bringing in a cuppa and ginger biccies!
I did my best to rouse myself, had a little surf on the laptop etc, by 10.30am I felt just about ready for a shower!
What on earth was going on?
I felt ok...ish...just a bit light headed, I decided to take my temperature to see if there was a medical reason for feeling so sluggish...well I guess there was a temperature was 34degrees!
Hubby looked disbelieving, took his own to test the thermometer and had the perfect 36 degrees.
Of course taking my temperature only made me feel I made myself some Lemsip and took myself off to the sofa with my knitting.
I spent the rest of the day pottering, resting, pottering, resting, and seems that has got me through the day, achieved a few bits and not made myself feel worse.
I imagine I must be fighting something off, and can honestly say I didn't feel as bad as this NHS article would suggest...I certainly didn't feel in any danger!
Teen One did some baking, we have a cookie book from the US with over a thousand recipes!
I was highly delighted to notice she had chosen a recipe with ground almonds and apricots in!!
It certainly smells yummy, although the yield said 2-3 dozen....we could only get 15!
In one of my pottering sessions I made a dessert for tomorrow.
We had a punnet of strawberries in the fridge which were going soft rather quickly, so I mashed them up and mixed the puree in with a tub of cream cheese and whipped cream.
With the left over strawberries I made some coulis, leaving a strawberry to decorate at the last minute.
As I was putting the dessert back in the fridge I spotted this imposter in the fridge and spontaneously called out "Who put the Marmite in the fridge?!"
Which had every one laughing and replying "Sounds like a good name for a game!"
We have had this game for a while, but never actually accidently put the Marmite in the fridge, up until today!
During another pottering time, we played the Family Table Tennis Tournament.
Hubby was the champion with Teen Two coming second...and me last!
And the title of the blog?
Well when we are with Grandma and Grandad in Devon (or should that be Lincolnshire?) the cry is always going out "Shut the door!" to avoid the dogs escaping.
One of Hubby's projects today was to paint the remaining two thresholds black.
We barricaded  the cats in, shut as many doors as we could and continually said
"shut the door" when anyone went out!
However Crystal was too sneaky for us, she managed to break through the barricade and then when Teen Two went into the kitchen she ran past and swiftly went upstairs to hide under our bed as least it was only one paw that touched the threshold and at least she didn't jump onto the bed which she frequently does!
We didn't want her poisoning herself when she started to groom herself, so were grateful to have some cat shampoo and grooming wipes in the house, something we only recently bought!
She was remarkably calm and didn't attack us at all as we forced her to be in one place as we washed her off.
Milly would have been hissing and scratching if we dared to restrain her and fiddle with her!

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  1. You'll be pleased to hear that we don't hear that phrase in Lincolnshire!! Hope that you are feeling better soon xx