Thursday, 27 July 2017

Saving The Day

This morning was ear marked for cleaning the toys at church and having a general declutter of broken toys/missing parts etc.
However at 5am I received a text from my late neighbour's son asking if I would be able to go to the hospital and collect a list of things he needed from home.
I said no problem and would be up as soon as visiting hours started, figuring I would have plenty time to get the church chores done.
He sent a text back saying he was sure the staff wouldn't mind if I came up this morning...which I took was an indicator he really wanted a few of his home comforts pretty quickly.
So, I collected Grandma, and left a list of things that needed to be done.
In recent years the dear old helpers have turned to me for almost every instruction, which I still haven't gotten used to.
There was a time when we all just rolled up our sleeves and got on with whatever we saw needed doing.
Its a sign of their advancing years but I really appreciate their dedication.
I set up tables and loaded them with toys and bowls of hot soapy water and insisted they sit down for the task in hand and I would be back in an hour.
My visit at the hospital was fairly brief, but the list was rather long, but very detailed as to where I could find everything.
When I returned to church the dear old helpers had made great in roads and were onto the larger items.
The Teens chipped in too and for both of them its always a trip down memory lane as many of the toys were once theirs.
We enjoyed a fish and chip lunch and then with everyone dropped off home, it was time for me to tackle the long list of things required.
It was an unusual feeling walking around someone's house, going in their drawers etc, but he is a fairly organised man so most of the items were where he said they would be.
There were one or two exceptions which I managed to find without too much poking around.
One lesson for us all to remember...when you take off your dirty underwear...always put them in the linen basket.....I suspect when he dropped his in the middle of the bedroom floor yesterday he hadn't expected me to be the next person to see them!!
Back at the hospital, our neighbour's son was delighted to have those home comforts (Fixodent, phone charger, toothbrush etc) along with The Times and post.
Today he should have been moving into his new house...well at the very least get the keys anyway, so that pleasure will have to wait a little longer.
At least he doesn't have to be out of his house as its not yet sold.
I stayed for an hour or so, listening to his woes, and also enjoying the views from his bedside...
...they really are stunning, being high up on a hill.
He was very grateful to me for saving the day, needless to say I was happy to do oblige, especially as he has no one close living by.
Back home it was time to load the washing line with all the dolly clothes we had brought home....such a lovely sight!
I am hoping for a quiet evening in with some knitting and a cuppa.

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