Sunday, 9 July 2017

Saturday July 9th: Another Young People's Day Out

This morning Teen Two and I took Little One to the vet for a thorough going over.
We needed to be sure she wasn't showing any signs of the illness e cuniculi that caused Buster to be put to sleep.
Aside from her mammary glands being enlarged she was given a clean bill of health, vaccinated, wormed....well we have the  paste to give her and will tackle that tricky task tomorrow!
We had a look at the baby bunnies whilst there and may go back on Tuesday with a view to purchasing a hutch mate for her.
Hubby managed to get a few DIY chores done, before we headed out to Newbury for  YP Workshop day.
It was very interesting hearing two young men share with us how the Lord had turned their lives around.
In the break we went for a walk along the Kennet and Avon canal ( and don't you love my spaceship cloud, which we didn't notice until the photo was uploaded!)
We were kindly provided with some bread to feed the ducks with....
...and treated to a couple of delightful ducklings coming to say hello.
One of the barges had Rosie and Jim dolls in the window, that brought back lovely memories from when the Teens were Tots!
We all enjoyed the fresh air, and lovely surroundings and a final session before a pizza supper and heading back home.


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