Friday, 28 July 2017

Oh For Some Joined Up Thinking!

After the usual grocery shop I had lots of little chores to do, one included ironing a pile of tea towels from church.
I had given Teen Two ironing lessons a while back, but was probably a little over ambitious on starting him off with one of his fact it was the one he is wearing in the picture!
I thought tea towels would be a better introduction to this art!
He didn't make too bad a job of it, although did have the tendency to create creases rather than iron them out!
However ironing is an art and I can't say my ironing would pass some inspections!
The main idea was to get him over his fear of the heat and whooshing of the steam.
Not that a healthy respect for such a powerful tool isn't a good thing...I have numerous scars on the inside of my right arm from various irons over the years!
With Teen Two tackling the ironing, I moved on to de hairing the conservatory of cat hairs.
I cant decide if it was a good move to go for black...on one hand its very unforgiving and shows up every hair ( particularly Crystal's) but on the other, the tiles are very easy to clean and you know the place is spic and span. I guess previously what I couldn't see didn't worry me so I just cleaned out there when a pang of guilt came across me!
I wasn't best pleased to go out there and discover these two pesky pussies lounging on my new chairs!!
I did not buy them and sweat blood trying to put them together to become cat beds!
Each night I have been very dedicated in putting the plastic bags back on the cushions so dissuade them from sitting on the chairs overnight...and if they did, well the hair wouldn't work its way into the fabric.
Today is the first day I have seen them on the chairs  ( although who knows what they get up to when I am out!) and I hope the telling off I gave them will ensure they don't go back on again....dream on!
The day has been pretty dreary weather wise, and I am always on the look out for things to get the Teens off their screens...we all like a bit of screen time for sure, but with no set routine in holidays its all too easy on rainy days to spend longer than is healthy on a screen of some sort...and I speak to myself as well!
I remembered a friend had sent the Teens an "instant" table tennis set last year, so we set it up, which was done remarkably quickly...
...we all had great fun!
Teen Two is particularly good at it...plenty of practise and school and Friday Club I reckon.
Hubby came home in the middle of it and we are going to have a family knockout tournament soon.
Its very easy to set up and I think will make an excellent game to take away on holidays with us.
The postie came, with yet another parcel for me, this time it was from Sirdar, who were as true as their word and sent me a replacement ball for the dodgy one I had bought.
Not quite as generous as Stylecraft who sent me four balls!!
Part way through the afternoon my late neighbour's son sent a text to say he was going to be discharged at some point today.
So I made up a sausage casserole, put it on a low heat in the oven, knowing whatever time I got the call to collect him, dinner would be sorted.
The call eventually came at 5.30pm which was practically perfect.
I took a portion with me for him to eat, not knowing if he had had any lunch on the ward, and most certainly would not have had any tea.
He was very grateful for it and I was glad to be able to do it.
He is a young 70year old, but his recent health problems have left him a little anxious, so at least tonight a  hot meal is one less thing to worry about.
When Hubby came home from work, he cracked on with some sanding which needed doing in the downstairs loo, to freshen the place up.
Now usually I am able to manage some joined up thinking...but today was not one of those days!
I had spent a while cleaning the conservatory...noting how quick the dust builds up, ensuring all the corners were nice and clean.....forgetting I had mentioned the sanding to Hubby last !
Anyone who has had any sanding done will know the cloud of dust that descends everywhere!
The once clean conservatory had to be seen to be believed!
Even the walls are hoo!
So, guess what my job was and still is!
Of course all this could have been avoided if we had done things in the correct order, but this is a project that has evolved rather than been designed!
Tonight we are going to watch the new DVD I picked up in Tesco today.
Teen One has already seen it and the rest of us are looking forward to watching it with our dinner.
No doubt I will be singing along to the old favourites!


  1. Hope that you enjoyed the film - I loved it!!

  2. Yep it was fab, true to the original animation and a few extras added in.