Sunday, 23 July 2017

No Rhyme Nor Reason!

By the end of last night we had a working outside tap....although the picture is dodgy to say the least, but not as dodgy as the crumbling wall!
However Hubby glued a piece of oak to the wall and was then able to screw the tap in place.
The very wet weekend has meant I haven't had a chance to try it out, but I am looking forward to how much easier its going to make watering the garden and washing down the paths.
We do however have a small leak in the downstairs loo now ( to match the one in the conservatory!) but Hubby assures me its nothing some silicone won't solve.
This morning was church first thing, followed by the usual roast dinner.
Our Malaysian friend had to go back for studies after the service, and Teen One of course was away with her uncle, so it was a much smaller gathering than usual.
I must say, investing in a new tin for our weekly Yorkshires has meant that almost every Yorky has a hole in....which of course Teen Two loves to fill up!
Before it was hit and miss, although they rose well, he often had to make a hole.
I bought a muffin tin, which is much deeper than my old tin and that seems to give better results.
This afternoon was the usual games fest, then we had a call to say Teen One was on the ferry coming home, just in time for tea.
We were of course happy to have her home and hear how her weekend went.
Despite it being heavy rain most of the day, the conservatory roof hasn't leaked!
There is just no rhyme nor reason to why it leaks!

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