Wednesday, 26 July 2017

National Fishing Month

The next few weeks are National Fishing Week and there are free sessions all over the country.
One such event took place right at the end of our road!!
We did dabble in sea fishing last year, and it was a resounding failure!
We had no idea how to cast, or anything else that was required, with the help of a nearby fisherman we did manage to get the line out in the end but sadly it all got caught in the seaweed and we lost all our tackle!
Today we had excellent tuition from local volunteers and very soon caught one of several fish.
This sort of fishing ( don't expect me to be too technical!) was much easier than sea fishing, the casting was simple and no reeling involved.
Of course unlike sea fishing, these fish have to be replaced, but I was really pleased with how Teen Two enjoyed the session.
We arrived soon after 10am and after an hour I had a call from Teen One to say my late neighbour's son had called for me, and so I went back home to see what I could do for him and left Teen Two with his very friendly and knowledgeable helpers
I had left Teen One in charge of a Dorset Apple Cake I had made for my neighbour's son, intending to pop in after lunch.
Its as well he phoned as she totally forgot she was to take it out soon after I left!
Its a tad on the burnt golden brown side, but when we sampled the smaller one made for ourselves, it tasted ok.
There was a bit of confusion with the son, he is rather deaf so thought he was talking to me, and the message relayed from Teen One to me was a little vague, something about him going to hospital and could I call a friend.
I raced round to try and catch him, but he wasn't in, I later learned he had been admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties due to being put on the wrong medication three weeks ago!
I have since had some texts from him and he is hoping to only be in over night.
Such a shame as he was due to collect the keys to his new house tomorrow.
As Teen Two was still out fishing, I made up some sandwiches and flask of hot chocolate and made the short walk round to where he was, just in time to see him catch this tiddler!
I would be more than happy for Teen Two to get into angling, I quite like the idea of sitting by the waters edge, somewhere peaceful, with a picnic and knitting in tow!
I noticed this pretty art work on one of the memorial benches and thought what an interesting project it would be, until I saw all the tiny holes that would need to be drilled into every shell!
I will just admire this one I think!
With Teen Two happy with his rod and tub of squirmy bright maggots ( who I learnt today breath out of their bottoms!) I returned home to get on with a few chores.
On the way back I noticed the blackberries were starting to ripen...yum!
That's a little day out for us soon I reckon, we have hundreds of bushes all around us on wildlife reservations and nearby country lanes, but that's a job for a sunny day I reckon.

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