Sunday, 9 July 2017

Micro Changes To Routine!

Some days its really hard to know how to start this blog.
Doing it daily means, for most of the year, our routine is pretty much the same.
So making it exciting  interesting  enjoyable inspiring something folk will want to read is pretty hard!
Today is one of those days when I could just type out "read last Sunday...or any other Sunday"
because it was pretty much a run of the mill Sunday.
Church first thing, followed by a roast dinner...which was definitely a labour of love as it was super hot in that kitchen!
There were a couple of micro changes to the routine however.
I suddenly realised our Dear Old Friend from church was 88 today,
so whizzed round there with a card, pressie (thank goodness I have a store of "just incase" presents!) and an offer to bring her round to ours for the afternoon.
She was happy to see me, but didn't want to leave her house in the heat, so I kept her company for a bit, then returned home for our usual games fest...
...however there was a slight change to routine here as well!
Grandma had bought a Countdown game at a car boot some time ago and was eager to play it.
Over the years we have watched this many times of course, but not so much in recent years,
so we didn't bother reading the instructions as we were so familiar with how the show runs, we threw caution to the wind and abandoned the timer, to make it a more leisurely game, which pretty much worked.
It was good fun...and that's not just because I won!
We followed it up with a game of Rummikub which as usual Teen Two won.
The evening finished off with church again.
I can't remember if I followed up on the homeless man who comes most weeks, but I am glad to report that one of our Elders went to the council with him and as a result he now has permanent accommodation and is very happy.
There was an slight delay of about a week before his place was ready, so the Elder paid for him to be in a B&B to ensure he was off the streets.
He goes to another church Sunday morning, with his dad ( who must be quite elderly given he is in his late 50's) and did make us laugh when he said
"They have better food there, but I like it here better!"
We keep Sunday evening simple, just a cuppa and tonight I decided to take some sausage rolls along as a surprise.
He really enjoyed them and we gave him the "left overs" to take home.
No doubt I will now do something like that on a regular basis and ensure there are
"left overs."


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