Tuesday, 11 July 2017

It's Going To Be A Long Month!

Most of today has been pretty miserable weather wise, which spurred me on to do some indoor jobs.
I have been wanting to get the cupboard under the sink cleared out for ages,
I did do it a couple of years ago, leaving only items I felt I would use regularly, but its surprising how few things actually get used regularly!
I took this photo half way through emptying it (always forgetting the "before" photo!) and practically every work surface was full by this stage!
After a good clear out and wash down of the shelves, I am confident these are the only things I will need regularly...
...everything else is going down to the garage ( which is getting to the stage of needing another clear out itself!)
The bunnies survived sharing the hutch over night...although we did keep baby Benji in the carrier as well.
I had a bit of a fright when I saw this lying on the ground later...it was the exact colour of Benji's tail!
But thankfully it was just a seed head, but I have no idea where it came from, there is nothing else like it in the garden.
Needless to say there have been plenty of bunny hugs today, he really is a cutie and irresistible to cuddle.
We called in to our Dear Old Friend, on the way to the vets, to introduce the latest member of the family...
...and she presented us with a handmade "Welcome" card and some bunny treats!!
She really is such a kind and thoughtful lady.
She enjoyed stroking Benji and recalled stories her Mother told her as a little girl, about the antics that went on in bunny burrows.
She also gave me a large carrier bag full of freshly picked blackcurrants!
A neighbour had given them to her, thinking she might like to make jam, but she has never made jam in her life and didn't know what to do with them all....so cue me!
Tomorrow I will give the Teens the task of topping and tailing them....with rubber gloves I think, or they will have purple hands for the rest of the holidays!
I must confess, I love practically all fruits, especially cooked fruits, but I just don't like blackcurrants!
It might have something to do with having a younger brother who was frequently sick, and would only drink Ribena, so always produced purple you know what!!
Moving swiftly on.....
...Benji had his jabs and a clean bill of health from the Vets, and we then got on to the "little op" topic.
I asked when he would be fertile...well...now....
so then I asked when he could have his little op....
...when he is four months!!
"But we have an unsprayed female at home" I exclaimed
"Well come back in a month then" was the answer!
So...it will be a long month and I have visions of a little family photo like the above appearing in a blog post soon!
Mind you, Little One runs a mile whenever little Benji comes near so at the moment it looks pretty safe...unless she is playing hard to get and this is a courtship ritual!!
The Teens and I popped in to town and amongst other things bought some jam jar treats for Friday's children's party.
We have organised "guess how many" in jars for the last few years and it has always gone down a treat.
Teen One took on the laborious task of adding up the goodies this afternoon.
Teen Two helped me with dinner, he rolled and cooked the meatballs for me.
We used lambs mince with a generous tablespoon of mint jelly....mmm they did taste good!

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