Sunday, 30 July 2017

Just A Normal Sunday

I have sat here and sat here and tried to think of a way to make today's blog exciting,
stimulating reading, inspiring, anything but plain old boring, but sadly that's what its going to be I fear!
Today was one of those "normal" days with nothing much happening out of the ordinary.
Well aside from the fact we had a visitor come to our church who was local and had always wanted to pop in, and today was that day!
Whilst we didn't know him, it didn't take long to find some common ground and at least one person we both knew, my late Brown Owl.
We reminisced on many things to do with our city, and of course our faith.
Lunch was the usual roast, with yet again excellent Yorkshires....(loving my new tin!) we have a visitor next week for the weekend, cant you guarantee the Yorkshires will be a flop for that!
The afternoon was the usual games fest and then church again in the evening.
Our friends 2yr old granddaughter was out with them tonight, she is always a bundle of fun!
 Back home we are just chilling and thinking about what we want to get up to next week, its nice to have a free run of days for a change, although I am expecting the builders at some point and also a plumber to check our dodgy boiler, so maybe we will be more housebound than we hope.
Well if you have made it to the end of this pictureless and boring blog...well done!

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