Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hoping This Is Not De Ja Vu!

I don't know if it was the constant rain, or the humidity, or the early night...
...but both Hubby and I found ourselves awake around 3.30am and sleep would not come back.
So after putting the world to rights on mortgages and high rents (neither of which affect us thankfully!) we gave up around 5.30am and got up...well  I say got up...I made a cuppa, did some surfing then went back to bed till 8am!
Poor Hubby had to get on with the day good and proper of course.
Sadly, when I did venture downstairs again, it was to discover the leak in the new conservatory roof has not put itself right all by itself!
The builder has yet to come back, but this is the first rain we have had since the original problem so I expect we will hear from him soon...if not he will hear from us!
I cracked on with the usual laundry and ironing, then when the Teens were up, set them to work on those blackcurrants.
It really was a miserable task I have to say!
I gave them both rubber gloves and covered the area with newspaper.
The large carrier produced just over 4lbs....
...which I soon had bubbling away on the stove...
...whilst listening to my favourite Christian Radio station from New England
I made a tray full of jam, which doesn't look particularly pretty at the moment...
...but tomorrow when the jars have cooled I will go through my stash of labels and pretty them up a bit.
Whilst I was busy in the kitchen, I could hear the Teens laughing away whilst playing Wii golf,
it's lovely to see that even at this age they enjoy each other's company.
There was also some baby bunny cuddling going on...
..and I was pleased to see Benji knows where his home his, I think this is the first time he has hopped into the hutch by himself...
...however Little One is now causing us some concern.
She has not been herself today, not foraging, not out on the grass...just choosing corners to hide in.
She has eaten bits of food we have put out for her and drank some of the water, but she is definitely not herself.
There have of course been many changes to her life in just a few days, she has lost her mate, been taken to the vet, had a jab, been given worming paste every morning, had a new kid on her block, who has taken over her bedroom and wants to play with her all the time, I guess any one of those things might put a bunny out of sync, so we are quietly watching her ( with a very anxious Teen Two checking her every half hour!) and I just hope this is not a case of de ja vu!

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