Monday, 17 July 2017

Heaven Scent!

This morning was all about using our noses!
For Teen One's birthday present, I bought her an "Experience Day" making her own perfume.
We left Teen Two with a friend, and as it was such a lovely morning, we also left my car there and walked the mile and a half to the village where the salon hosting our event was located.
Whilst this is not at its best, I love the way local authorities are planting wild flowers everywhere, on roundabouts, patches of grass etc. It really is lovely to see and of course good for wildlife.
Our walk through the village took us past old Fire Stations...
and tiny flat fronted cottages, bedecked with hanging baskets and tubs over flowing with flowers.
The session was very informative and we learnt each perfume has a base, middle and top note, giving out different scents at different stages of the day.
We all were given these pieces of paper to smell, and order "like/dislike/not sure"
We also had a tiny sachet of coffee beans to "cleanse our nasal palletes!"
After smelling each one we were also told of some commercial perfumes they were found in.
There were 21 in all and we could have as many in our personal fragrance as we wanted.
Our host was a very gentle spoken lady and I could have listened to her all day!
It wasn't easy picking out the fragrances, Teen One wasn't keen on any of the top notes, so just left that out.
I didn't actually have any in my "like" pile!
I had lots in my "not sure" pile, and was waiting for that
"this is the one" moment to then blend with some of my "not sures."
The whole process took about an hour and a half...and can be as long as two hours, but I think continuing to mix up the sticks would have just confused my choice so I stuck with my second selection.
We get to choose a bottle (upgrading to a diamonte if we want...not my thing!) and then its all boxed up.
The "recipe" is kept online and we can purchase further bottles at a later date if we want.
The other ladies who were with us made up a second batch, using small bottles for their little girls  and named the perfume after them, which I expect will be a real thrill for them.
Teen One chose a pink bottle and I chose a white one, we were also given a feather with our newly designed fragrance sprayed onto it.
It was a very relaxing and unique morning I must say.
We met up with my friend and Teen Two for lunch, trying out a new "Natural Deli" café.
Chicken, bacon and mayo toasties for my friend and Teen Two...
...whilst Teen One had a mezze deli board, which I knew immediately was  going to be way too much for her!
And this was the single one...there was also a sharing one!!
Teen One had a chocolate protein smoothie, which consisted of peanut butter, banana and chocolate!
Teen Two had his usual hot chocolate.
We had a lovely time out followed by a drive in the country....a great start to our first full week of holidays!

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