Friday, 21 July 2017

From Blogging To Vlogging!

Going back to last night, whilst I finished Hubby's dinner, he set to and sorted our dodgy
flat pack failures!
This morning I was able to experiment with how to fill the space.
I expect there will be a few changes before I settle on what to keep there, and even then it may change, but for the moment I am keeping it simple.
A few books for folk to browse through and a crochet blanket I inherited from next door for if it turns chilly...well more for decoration really! I have wanted it to be on show somewhere, but the black background hasn't suited any of my rooms, up until now!!
It's going to be a lovely spot to sit and relax in...even if it will often be to the song of the washing machine and the usual view will be the washing on the line!
The wall space is still a blank canvas and I will have to think carefully about what goes up, as I don't want to ruin the freshly plastered walls with unwanted holes.
I prefer to decorate the house with things that have been handmade (by myself/family) or have a memory of one sort or the other.
I am not really interested in buying things just for the perfect match.
Shops are full of this that and the other matching and whilst its nice to get the odd thing, I do prefer an eclectic mix of memories.
So, not quite sure what is going to fill this space yet, I keep looking around the house and am sure some inspiration will hit me.
I need to order some small quilt hangers for the little quilts I bought at the hospital the other week, I have a place for one of them at least and maybe the second one will go here with something else.
A few weeks ago  we had a delivery of something and this was part of the packaging.
Hubby explained to Teen Two how much stronger the simple cardboard was because of the concertina middle.
He said it would take some considerable weight to break the cardboard...
...well this set Teen Two thinking and since then he has wanted to conduct an experiment, to see how strong the cardboard actually was, and film it for his new Vlog channel!
So the scene was set...
...and some last minute reading of the script took place...
...before it was "lights, cameras...action!"
There was some debate before hand, about how far apart to have the lower bricks, obviously the closer they were the more weight could be taken, but they decided to go end to end.
It was a lot of fun, and hopefully they will think of more experiments to video during the summer.
With dinner in the oven of Mac 'n' cheese  with bacon, I dropped Teen One off at the ferry port ready for her weekend on the Isle of Wight.
Her cousin is doing work experience over there with Hubby's brother, so our sister in law invited Jenny over to keep her cousin company for the weekend.
The house will be quiet without her.
With no Friday Club tonight, Hubby has been able to tackle a few chores for me, my old washing line is back up (yayyyy!) some thresholds have been primed ready for re-painting ( first time since have we lived here I think!) and a porcelain garden wall lampshade we bought on our honeymoon has finally been put up!!!
Complete with a solar light behind it!
Everything comes to those who wait!


  1. I love the clean lines that you are creating!

    1. If only the rest of the house had clean lines!