Thursday, 20 July 2017

Flat Pack Fury!

I couldn't work out why uploading today's photos was taking so long...I hadn't taken many.....then it all became clear.... Teen Two had borrowed my camera last night and taken a gazillion photos of his Lego models to turn into a short film!
I must remind him where his own special little camera is, especially for such purposes!
On our way to Parent and Toddlers this morning, we picked up Grandma as usual, and she presented Teen One with a hand picked rose from her front garden.
It was in tight bud when we brought it home but has since started to open, cant believe how quickly it happened!
Today was our last Parent and Toddlers for the summer term, aside from returning next week for the annual toy clean and declutter, we have a lovely long break ahead of us.
When we arrived home I was delighted to see my new chairs for the conservatory had arrived.
I had jokingly suggested the Teens put it together for me, but remembered flat pack often comes with minimal instructions and is NEVER as easy as it took pity on them and decided it should be a team effort...
...only four pictures, the last one was putting the cushions of the chair and the one before that the covers on the that's just two steps right???
Well two hours later, with sore fingers, an aching back and heart, blood pressure probably as high as Hubby's, Teen One and I decided we were not too proud to admit defeat!
The chair on the left might look complete...but everyone is under strict instructions NOT to sit on it.
The chair on the right took way less time and looked like being a success, when the very last screw would not reach its final we loosened a few ( having already made sure we didn't tighten them at the beginning) to have the whole thing  more of less fall apart!
That was it.....abandon ship!
So Hubby has received a text saying we have admitted defeat and have left him to pick up the pieces!
I knew it was a bad idea to tackle a blue job, but was wanting Hubby to have a stress free evening after the recent Silicone Sealant Saga...talking of which... main goal this afternoon was to remove all that nasty grey sealant from the downstairs loo,
I figured it would sweeten the bitter pill somewhat if Hubby merely had to redo his work rather than undo it first!
I had seen a YouTube video of a man using WD40 and sealant remover, it seemed that either work.
I was all set to use some WD40 as we had some in the garage, but thankfully Hubby investigated further and it appears the WD40 undermines the surface and any new sealant used is also attacked by the residue, which is very hard to get rid of.
So, I had a little pick at the sealant and to my surprise it came off by hand pretty easily.
Some bits were harder than others, leaving little strip behind, so I rubbed with my finger and that broke down the sealant....but then I thought of a less painful way ( now sporting a blister on my finger!) and used rubber gloves.....then an even easier way...using a rubber!
Its not perfect but doesn't need to be as new sealant will of course be going on top.

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  1. well done on the sealant - you would never have been happy with the grey x