Saturday, 1 July 2017

Flat Pack Fun!

After a lovely lie in ( till 7.30am!) and a cuppa in bed, we headed out to Ikea to look at a storage unit I had seen online.
We all enjoyed a hearty English breakfast, although I can only manage the small one!
We then braved the showrooms to look for the unit.
Generally we stay on the outside path, never venturing in too far as way too many times we have been completely lost and taken ages to get out again!
We found the unit and despite it being way more expensive than I really wanted to pay, it ticked all the boxes and more, clean lines, good storage and right size, so we decided to bite the bullet and buy it.
I also wanted a worktop to mount above the washing machine, I had one before and it was  so useful, but on the way to the work tops saw this table top for just a fiver!
It is the perfect size and as the work top would have needed cutting and cost us £40, plus been way heavier than necessary, it was the perfect find.
Of course you can't go to Ikea without coming out with way more than you went in for, and one of those items was this retro milk bottle style vase...for just £1!
Back home it was time to paint the top of the tiles.
I was determined to remain cool and calm and make the area as splash proof as possible.
However, the first task proved to be a nightmare, the frog tape did not stick to the tiles, neither did masking tape, so we resorted to duck tape which only just stayed on and in the end I had to give up the idea of attaching the tape to the plastic sheeting as well,  it only proved to pull the tape from the tile...
...pulling the paint down with it!
However I persevered with just the tape  and going very carefully and slowly managed to get fairly clean lines...and wet wipes made an excellent job of finishing off any hiccups.
I apologise for the blue tint to the pictures coming up, the new glass roof  has a blue tint to keep out the sun, its not visible to the naked eye, but when the sun has moved across the roof all pictures come out bluey!
Whilst I was busy painting, the boys were putting the unit together.
We took guesses on how long it would take and reckoned an hour and a half, well there was a short ice cream break in the middle, whilst we waited for the paint to dry, but sadly it took more like four hours!!
The shelves can be put wherever you want and I am not sure how useful the current arrangement will be, until I start filling it later tonight.
As the doors were going up I noticed a baby blue trim to the edge of the door and thought
"Oh it must be a protective edge ..."
...the blue tint from the roof doesn't show the blue door...but when Hubby shut it I went into panic mode, thinking we had picked up the wrong colour doors!!
It was so convincing!
Thankfully Hubby confirmed it WAS just the protective film!
The shade of blue took me back to being a child, a lot of kitchen units were this colour back then.
Finally the unit was together, complete with its lovely  gentle touch openers and soft closers.
I now intend spending the evening having fun filling it!

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  1. I LOVE storage!! Well done for finding something with such clean lines!