Monday, 10 July 2017

Filling The Bunny Shaped Hole In Our Lives

This morning I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, whilst Teen Two went to enrol at college for next term.
Back home again my friend called in for some lunch and we enjoyed a lovely hour in the garden.
The garden has not been the same without Buster bounding around, and knowing Little One was probably missing her mate as much as Teen Two was, I suggested we take a trip out to the pet store to see if we liked the look of any of the bunnies.
Our local store had some lovely bunnies, but none pulled at our heart strings,
so we drove a few miles up the motorway to the next store, and saw this little bundle of bouncy fun, looking just like his predecessor!
Well there was no question about whether he was the one for us!
Teen Two had a hold of him, and also another one, but this one was the one who stole our hearts.
Back home we were prepared for a long few weeks whilst the bunnies settled in to the new arrangement, and were poised to separate any scuffles that took place...
...we introduced Benjamin to the ground very cautiously, and for a while he kept to a very small area, bobbing up and down, finding a place of safety under the hutch to run to...
...then filled with boldness little Benji bounded right up to Little One, gave her rear end a good sniff, which received no reaction at all from Little One, and that was that!
There have been a few more up close and personal moments....face to face and also a few chases....surprisingly little Benji chasing after Little One for some fun I think, but Little One just runs off!
We had felt sure Little One would retain her dominance, but it seems this little one bought today has won over her heart too!
However....we don't want them falling in love too much, since Little One has not been spayed, and we understand male bunnies are fertile from about 6 weeks old!
They will not be sharing the same hutch space tonight and tomorrow we have the Vets for his check up and free vaccine....and we will no doubt be booking another appointment for that little but oh so essential op!
Needless to say Teen Two is now one very happy bunny!

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