Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bye Bye Buster The Bunny

Just two days ago I was blogging the joys of being able to feed our veggie scraps to this cute pair.
We had no way of telling that today we would be saying goodbye to our brown and white bunny Buster.
This morning Teen Two commented Buster was very still....and I had thought it unusual last night he wasn't out enjoying his sunset supper as usual.
I monitored Buster throughout the day, feeling a little happier when I found he had left the hutch and was happy to drink from the bowl I set by him.
But as the afternoon wore on and after a few phone calls to Vets I felt I needed to follow their advice and bring him in as he hadn't been seen eating for a few hours.
The only appointment I could get was 3pm and Teen Two doesn't get home till 3.15pm so I collected him en route.
Needless to say he was very anxious when he saw me in reception with pet carrier in tow.
Whilst waiting in reception Teen Two mentioned Buster's head was a bit tilted, then when we were in the consulting room and had him out of the carrier it was evident he had had a stroke in that short time.
It was very distressing to see and of course Teen Two was very upset.
He had one final hug whilst the vet dealt with the paper work, then it was back to reception to wait for that sad bundle being returned to us.
Several customers saw Teen Two in tears and came to put their arm around him,
an elderly man shared his experience of having to have his doggie put to sleep and another lady had told us of her bunny who had to be put to sleep the other month.
Everyone who loves their pets has a story to tell, no matter the pet or the length of time they were a part of your life.
Teen Two takes these losses keenly, and its hard to watch, but this is part of life and the process of losing a pet I do believe helps with greater losses later in life.
We know how sad today feels,  but we know will get over it and life will feel happy again, we will never forget our pets and the happiness they brought to our lives.
As a parent, I am thankful today that we only lost a bunny, I heard that my friend in the US, whose son has been in remission from cancer had sad news that the cancer is back and growing.

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  1. I am so sorry - and it never gets any easier. Big hugs x