Monday, 3 July 2017

Bubble Trouble!

Last night was not a good night for poor Teen One.
On the journey home from her weekend away she said she had a pain in her stomach, we hoped it was just the different eating times/habits and that it would pass.
Sadly she didn't get any sleep last night, being in constant pain with one of her abdominal migraine attacks.
I was blissfully unaware until 3.40am when I heard her being ill.
Poor thing, although she did take her migraine medication when she got home, they need to be taken at the first sign of a pain and last night goes to show the meds are unable to help once the attack has taken hold.
She stayed in bed until noon, had a long soak in the bath and a chilled afternoon.
She is just starting to feel herself again.
We were both thankful the attack happened when it did and not when she was away, that would be very unpleasant for everyone, especially in the confines of a tent!

I couldn't get back to sleep so came down stairs for a cuppa around 4.45am, watched some TV then tried to get some sleep, but sleep only came when I was in the bath around 8am! I woke after dozing off and wondered where I was!!
The rest of the morning was spent visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager, who braved it to the shops this week, which was great.
My friend came in for lunch and we were able to enjoy a cuppa and catch up under the gazebo.
Next up was a trip to the hospital for Teen Two's three monthly micro suction in his ears.
"Not before time!" said the nurse!
I am very thankful we are now on the regular list, we had to go private initially, which was great for getting an instant fix to a troublesome condition, but was not really financially sustainable, and after all, what do we pay our  NI contributions for!
Whilst in the waiting room I managed to whip up a few rounds of the sock, and wasn't alone in my craftiness, the lady opposite me was doing some tapestry.
On the way out we passed a table of hand made items, on sale for the neo natal unit.
I always like to see other people's handiwork and there was some beautiful knitting there, oh to have such a neat tension!
However, I can't bring myself to buy something I can make ( even if not so well!) but I was drawn to a pile of small quilts.
I chose a couple, and enquired how much they were....
....£1  said the lady!
"A pound?!" I queried
"Yes a pound."
Well I couldn't believe it and felt sure they were underselling them and wondered if the kind folk who had made them realised how cheaply they were being sold for.
I don't know if they were made with a view that they adorn the cots in the neo natal unit, or be sold as they were today, but I took advantage of them being there and bought two...but couldn't bring myself to pay that small price, so put in extra.
I didn't buy them with anyone or any purpose in mind, just because they were so lovely,
they actually look quite good on my small sofa as chair backs, I currently have these on...
...which were purchases from Amish Country and New England, so bring back happy memories and also cheer up a plain sofa.
I think they are actually tea towels, but way too good for drying dishes!
So I may ring the changes and put the little quilts up, or find somewhere to hang them...or ...
...well any ideas?
I am considering going back up again to see if anymore are put out!
It really was hard to choose I must say.
On our way home we stopped off to play postie.
We were very low on numbers at Friday Club, a lot of regulars not there and since we have just booked a local indoor play area as an end of term treat, we want to be sure as many know about it as possible.
Teen Two did all the hopping out of the car which saved me a lot of bother
The title of today's blog was Teen Two's idea,
as I was enjoying a cuppa after returning home, I thought the washing machine sounded a little different...on investigating I discovered the sleeping bag I had put in the wash had created a little too much lather and the machine had leaked it out all over the kitchen floor!
Teen Two came rushing out to see what my gasps were all about, and then when I rushed back in for my camera he said..."Blog?"
"Bubble Trouble for today's title I reckon!"
I reckon he's right!

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  1. I would hang the quilts on the wall - lovely!