Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bounties, Bunnies and Board Games

This morning was of course church first thing, followed by a roast dinner...although it was rather warm in the kitchen again and I would loved to have had something simpler to cook!
Grandma brought round a home made jam tart, which was way more exciting than the rice pudding I had planned....which was made using left over brown rice from Friday's curry!
Add some sugar and milk and hey presto  slightly salted rice becomes dessert...well salted caramel is all the rage so why not!
Grandma obviously had some left over pastry judging by the unusual strips on top!
Tasted good though and went well with the rice... as Hubby said....
" just putting jam on the rice pudding!"
After dinner Grandma pulled out an old envelope, which was full of Grandad's naval records.
I was amazed to discover they were all written on linen!
It made for interesting reading, especially when "Bounty £33" was written in the 40's.
That would have been  a lot of money then, we all wondered what the bounty was for!
We spent the afternoon in the garden under the gazebo playing board games as usual...
Teen Two won Scrabble, all on his own merit!
Hubby and Grandma play to win so this was something of a triumph!
Part way through the games we stopped for a little light refreshment...much needed on such a warm afternoon!
The only issue with being outside was it brought on a bad bout of hayfever for Teen Two.
As usual the cheeky bunnies came to investigate....can you spot the difference between these two pictures...aside from Buster's face being in a different position?
Seen it yet?
Want a clue?
Look at my knitting bag....
.....the cheeky bunny stole my knitting needle!
Thankfully it wasn't too difficult to retrieve and I was able to take it with me when I went to collect Teen One shortly after tea.
The drive up to Newbury was rather slow, but the drive back was lovely with the sun behind us all the way, with glorious  amber rays lighting up our road.
She had a good weekend and is now shattered after two late nights!

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