Monday, 31 July 2017

Birdwatching, Blackberrying and Bramleys!

This morning I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, only to find her Carer had not turned up, so she was still in bed at 9.30am and by 10.30am there was still no sign of her. She is supposed to come between 7am-9am.
My friend was eager to go shopping with me today, so I offered to be a stand in carer, which just meant being on hand for bathroom duties, ensuring she was ok in the shower etc, then rubbing in her ointment afterwards and helping her get dressed.
We then made it out to the shops and back again, still with no sign of the Carer!
If this was the first time it had happened it wouldn't be so bad, but its  regular occurrence and this service is quite costly too.
However, she got out and that was the main thing.
After lunch the Teens and I went for a walk round a local Nature reserve.
It is popular with bird watchers and we made a mental note of some of the birds to look for, but with little hope we would recognise them....that's where we need Hubby to be with us!
We spotted one bird, which looked like a white heron, and took a photo to do some detective work when we got home in one of our many bird books...
...however the Reserve had made things easy for us and posted pictures along the way...seems we saw a Little egret.
Teen Two wore his body cam to capture any wildlife we saw along the way, and we made the most of the information boards
We saw a family of swans, walking near a fence, obviously trying to get to the water on the other side.
They kept trying the holes in the fence and we were a little worried they might get stuck, but thankfully that didn't happen, we carried on walking and hoped they would find a way round.
On our way back we were delighted to see they had made it to an opening...
...guiding their little ones down the bank, with a parent at either end...
...and safely into the water!
As a child I have one memory of blackberry picking (my dad had a ladder in tow to get the largest and best ones at the top!) and it was on this reserve.
So we went all prepared with containers to collect some of nature's bounty...but were disappointed to discover bushes laden with blackberries, but unripe ones!
We walked round a little further and discovered the bushes away from the shore did have some ripened fruit...
...but not many!
Imagine our frustration when both Teen One and I, in minutes of each other, lost half of what we had each picked!
However all was not lost, I remembered a friend blogging about where there were ripened bushes aplenty, not five minutes away in the car, so we hot footed it over there and in minutes had two large containers full!
Our hands were a sight by the end of it!
I remembered our local Harvester car park had an apple tree that was usually laden with fruit that just fell to the ground and got wasted.
So we picked the best of the fallers...
...and rescued the largest ones from ending up on the ground.
So we now have some yummy apples and blackberries to cook up and keep in the freezer, and all for free!
We called into Grandma's on the way home and gave her half, knowing she loves a freezer full of fruit too!
When we arrived home these were waiting for us in the porch, a thank you from my late neighbour's son.
He does love to show his appreciation, but I do wish he would save his pennies instead!
It's been a lovely day, out in the sunshine and fresh air, not to mention three lines of laundry dried!

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