Friday, 7 July 2017

Bee Thankful!

This morning was still tinged with sadness for us all, Teen Two in particular.
"Little One" seemed at a loss as well, although she did take some time to sit out in the shade of the laundry.
Teen Two went to college for the last time this academic year, but there was no work involved.....they were going to the local Harvester for breakfast!
He wasn't too sure he wanted to go, still not having much of an appetite, but I suggested he give it a go and call me if it got too much.
Meanwhile Teen One set do doing some baking....
...starting with a cherry cake, which was way too much faffing for me, it involved breadcrumbs (yes breadcrumbs!) whisked egg whites and fresh cherries ( we used the posh dried morrello cherries I bought cheap the other week)... just needs a dusting of icing sugar when its cooled...
... she also made  Oreo brownies for a YP workshop we are going on tomorrow...
...what I really love about Teen One's baking sessions these days, is how lovely and clean she leaves everything afterwards!
It used to look like a war zone when she was younger!
I decided to try out a recently refurbed Lidl and wished I hadn't, the queue to get in should have told me to turn back!
With only three check outs open the queue to pay for my trolley load took 20minutes!
The queue to get in the car park was even longer when I came out and I warned anyone I passed they were in for a long wait...two decided to cut their losses and go elsewhere!
Back home I was just thinking about getting some lunch when I had a call to say Teen Two wasn't  feeling well so had to go and collect him...
I think it was a combination of over indulging on the unlimited breakfast, a long walk in the midday sun and of course the heartache of yesterday.
An afternoon lying on the sofa with the fan on and sips of water seemed to do the trick.
When he was a bit perkier I went and fetched Little One, who I felt sure would be in need of some comfort too.
The weather was too hot for me to want to spend very long in the kitchen, so I opted for some salads to go with pizza, which I thought Hubby would find acceptable...this carrot and raisin went down well...
as did a baby spinach and strawberry salad.
I had a small bottle of raspberry balsamic vinegar which was a good flavour combination with the strawberries.
Hubby doesn't  like vinegary things, but these two were quite mild so he was ok with that, Teen Two however could not be tempted!
Hubby finally painted behind the drain for me, I had hoped the builder would have tiled that last bit but for some reason he left it, maybe it was too tricky, but the black paint finishes it off and when the washing machine is in situ no one will see anyway!
Hopefully the machine will be moved back tomorrow and I won't have to squeeze into the kitchen sink area any more!
For Friday Club our story was of the ten lepers who were healed and only one returned to the Lord to say thank you.
Our theme therefore was "Be thankful"
Some made bees with a peg as the "sting" to write down things to be thankful for,
some coloured the bee, some used felt for the stripes.
Others made flowers, and added foam bees, along with their things to be thankful for...
...there are always the kids who melt your heart with what they write....
...and those who don't!

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