Friday, 14 July 2017

Another Sad Farewell

Well our hopes yesterday, that Little One's munching the grass in the evening sadly turned out to be false hope.
I made a bathroom visit around 4am and decided to pop down and check on progress, and was relieved to see both bunnies settled.
Hubby came down at 6am and soon after checking on them, found Little One had passed away.
We couldn't help but be upset, having taken her to the vets a few days ago and given the all clear, and hand fed her yesterday in the hopes she was just mourning, it seems her heart was too broken to fix.
We can only console ourselves and more importantly, Teen Two, with the fact she had a happy life with the freedom of our garden, as opposed to living in the hutch at her previous home.
She was loved and well cared for up until the end and died peacefully in her bed.
Needless to say Teen Two has been very upset, having hoped she was on the mend... it was time once again, to turn the furniture around...
...dig another hole and hold another little funeral service.
Only a few weeks ago these two spaces in the patio held a climbing rose bush, little did I know it would be replaced with two beloved pets, but that's life and we thanked the Lord for the many animals he gave with dispositions to want to be loved by us humans.
They add such a lot to our lives and they leave a big gap when they go.
We did pay a trip to Pets At Home for another bunny, so Benji isn't alone, but their very conflicting policy  (only sell in pairs....don't sell a male when the owners have an unspayed female, etc....both "rules" they "broke" when the sold us Benji!) meant we weren't considered suitable customers today!
When Benji has had his little op we will go back for a female probably, for the time being we have our little Benji, although we do feel bad he has no mate to snuggle up to and hope he doesn't get too used to being alone!
I gave the grass a cut and was pleased to see you can barely noticed the joins from when the turfs were laid  last month...
...when of course we had Buster in our lives....
...but aside from the size, you can hardly tell the difference with little Benji!
Tonight was our Friday Club party, which was great, no preparation or clearing up!
So we now have a lovely long break until the beginning of September...bliss!

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