Monday, 24 July 2017

Am I Losing My Mind?

This morning I had an email from the builder, to say he was coming on Wednesday to remove the roof strips and lay down new ones, in the hopes this solves the problem.
He is mystified by the fact we can have heavy rain and no leak, then a little later the incessant dripping.
I am not sure I am surprised...if anything is ever going to be out of the ordinary, it will be us that gets it for sure!
I went to visit my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, did the usual supermarket trip, then back home to pack up some socks I have been knitting for family in Australia.
I remembered the other day I had a "Handmade by" stamp, which I think was a Christmas present from FQ2FF many years ago!
Looking at the labels now, I wish I had added an extra layer of card or something, it looks a little bare I think, or maybe I should have looked for smaller tags, anyhow, I was pleased to find the stamper right where I thought I had stored it...that doesn't happen very often!
After lunch the Teens and I popped into town, not for anything specific, other than a bank trip, but as one does we wandered round and came home with a few bits and bobs ( amazing how those bits and bobs mount up though!)
Asda had a sale on and we saw this T shirt going for a song, perfect for dad we thought!
However if we could have personalised the sections, we would have left out "bad jokes/dancing" and replaced those portions with knowledge!
He seems to know something about everything!
Asda also had bath towels for 20p!!
Yes 20p!!
What's even more incredible is....
....I didn't bring them home!!!
I did...I so nearly did...infact I had them in my hand... why did I put them back?
Because they were a dark grey colour and no matter how much I thought about it I just knew dark grey was never going to be theme in my bathroom.
Am I starting to lose my mind hoarding tendencies?
Who knows!
When we returned home the postie had left me a card saying I had a letter with insufficient postage and had to pay £1.50 to get it back.
I have no idea what it could will have to go and view it tomorrow before passing over the money....well I hope they will let me see it first anyway!
I am way too nosey to not go!
In Morrisons I had bought some fresh Cajun chicken breasts reduced, never had them before, but they looked pretty good, so Teen One made some carrot and raisin salad to go with it, she added some pineapple this was very yum!
Teen Two meanwhile played with the gerbils...he is delighted that one of them likes to run across his shoulders like the previous ones did...sorry if that makes you shudder!


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