Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A Profitable Way To Spend The Afternoon

When Hubby told me it was going to be a scorcher today, I thought he would appreciate a salad and quiche for lunch, instead of the usual roll.
Morrisons had a new "Mexican" coleslaw this week, so I have added that for an extra kick, which I am sure he will like.
I had intended doing some touching up in the conservatory, paint wise, but decided it was way too warm for that, so opted to clean the windows.....well needless to say it was just as hot a task so it was abandoned half way through!
An indoor job was the order of the day I thought, so sorted out some bags from the dining room, and found a tin of shoe polish I had bought reduced to 20p some time ago.
I couldn't think why I had bought this particular colour as no one had shoes that colour, then I was to "feed" our oak shelves with!
We had bumped into the son of the man who put all the oak in our house, when he bought it from new back in the 30's.
We had mentioned some of the shelving was rather faded and what was the best way to treat it....
...shoe polish he said!
It has certainly brought this shelf up beautifully ( if only I had done a "before" picture!) and was pretty quick to do as well.
I needed a few bits from Asda, so Teen One and I took a trip out, going via the charity shop, who were very grateful for the box of goodies we dropped off.
We all love malt loaf and were sad when the Toastie malt loaf was withdrawn from sale, but these look rather yummy, rather like an "English" muffin to look at, but malt loaf of course.
Can't wait to try one!
I picked up this radiator cleaner in the bargain corner....having seen how much dust is down some of my radiators it's not before time!
One of the reasons I chose Asda today was they had dishwasher tablets on special offer.
£7 instead of £9, not the biggest reduction, but the best on offer at the moment and as I am running out I couldn't wait for a better one.
I checked my receipt in the car as the bill seemed higher than I expected, and I saw I had been charged £9 for the tablets!
I went back to the aisle and re-checked the price, yep definitely £7 not £9.
An assistant was passing by so I asked her to check I had the right packet....
...seems I didn't!
The pack I had picked up was 44 for £9,
the special offer was 67 for £7!
Go figure that!
Whoever would knowingly pick up a smaller pack for more money?
I was doubly glad I had gone back as I was £2 better off and a third more tablets.
Something that caught our eye was Watermelon juice,
it was "ok" but much better served with ice and mint!
Teen One rather liked the look of the tapas section, so we treated ourselves to
"3 for £5" which will last us a couple of days at least.
Whilst I could have sat in the garden all afternoon, enjoying the lovely weather and listening to the peace and quiet, I went back in to finish some chores.
Moving the filing cabinet being one of them...inch by inch I finally got it to where I wanted it, making sure I didn't twist and put my back out!
I also gave the washing machine a "service wash" with some soda crystals.
The local hard water plays havoc with our machines, and the damp problems from the old conservatory causes issues as well, so a monthly service wash keeps on top of these problems, although it always seems such a waste to have the machine on and no washing in it!

Whilst I busied myself indoors, Teen One occupied herself by trying to make a seagull out of a 4pint milk looked much better than this, she reckoned, when it was made at school by a visitor....its all in the cut I am sure!
She then went into the garden to enjoy the weather and do some Bible study,
she chose a word study on "faith," what a profitable way to spend the afternoon!

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