Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A Mystery Package

Today I wanted to tackle something that has been steadily growing out of control!
This is what our store room at church looked like today!
Quite a mammoth task and one largely of my own making.
But in my defence, for several years I have been single handedly doing the work that a whole team of youth workers did and some of the mess I inherited.
I have spent many hours over the years organising and decluttering, but in recent years its been as much as I can do to take stuff up at the end of each session with the thought
"I will put that away properly later"
Well later came today.
There were endless carriers of left overs from more projects than I even remembered doing!
The Teens were a great help and we were as ruthless as a "might come in handy" person can be.
To say it was a daunting task was an understatement, but it was just a case of grab a bag and make a decision on the contents.
After three hot hours we had four bin bags full up...
...and much more floor space than we had at the beginning.
I really wanted to get it more organised and there were a couple of areas we didn't get to touch, but eventually we were all too hot and tired to be productive any more.
We have at least broken the back of it and I hope that a half an hour here and there will finish it off.
One thing is for sure...we don't need any more lolly/craft sticks!
It was quite a trip down memory lane and one item I found was this little plaster cast spinner my late father in law made.
I reckon Wallace (and Gromit) was based on him.
He put a little motor together and attached it to a device to keep plaster cast moulds together whilst spinning to ensure the plaster is evenly distributed before setting.
I couldn't bear to throw it out and will get Hubby to test it...you never know, some budding inventor may just want it!
I also found a set of homemade wooden stilts from our youth club many moons ago.
Health and safety would probably frown on such fun these days, but I have put them on freecycle
in case they are of any interest.

When we left church the weather had changed dramatically and was absolutely boiling...so there was nothing for it but to head for the beach.
Whilst the Teens were cooling down in the sea, I whipped up a few rows of my knitting...
...but annoyingly I had to unpick some of last night's knitting, as I realised part way through, there was a mistake in the join.
They had attached orange instead of pink.
As this is the first sock I haven't yet seen what order the colours come in, so had to unwind a  lot of the wool to double check my suspicion was correct.
Finding a knot is irritating enough, especially for socks, but to discover the wrong colour had been attached was doubly annoying.
I left it in disgust last night as I just wasn't up to sorting it all out.
This is not the first time I have had this happen and will be complaining again...a different company this time, I hope they are as keen on customer satisfaction as the other company.
Another beach essential is a crossword book.
Both Teen One and I enjoy whiling away the time in this way.
Teen Two amused himself digging a hole and watching the tide come in and fill it up....
...whilst I was relieved to gain some ground on yesterday's colour problems.
We called in at the Sorting Office to collect the mystery package that was underpaid...and the mystery continues.
It is a keyring, something I haven't ordered.
Only 41p postage was paid, which is bizzare as there is no such rate with Royal Mail.
I have emailed the company and asked for a reimbursement.
I have no idea who ordered the keyring, but do have a missionary friend in Africa who often sends me little gifts with an African theme, so maybe its from her, but regardless of who paid for it, the company should have put on the full postage price.

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