Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Leaky Conundrum

This morning was one of those rare lie in mornings...and when we drew back the curtains and returned to bed with a cuppa, we were treated to this beautiful rainbow...although of course that also meant rain....
...which meant another leak in the conservatory!
There is rather a mystery as even when it rains hard for hours, like last night...there is no water to be seen, but several hours later a little tiny drip starts and then continues for ages.
The builder is coming back next week to flood the roof and see where the leak is...but he did that before and nothing came through, so I suspect the same will happen next week.
I will have to see if he can see where water might be stored up to then trickle through eventually.
Its a conundrum for sure.
I had a couple of goals today, one was to try and remove some old grout residue from the kitchen and attic bathroom tiles.
I wish I had known the existence of this stuff when I grouted the walls, I am sure it would have been much easier!
I was disappointed at how much elbow grease was needed to remove the grout, and I am not sure ( well I know!) I have removed all the residue, but I just ran out of energy!
The tiles do have a lot more sheen though, so at least I have something to show for my struggles.

Next up was to paint four of the seven thresholds.
I primed them yesterday and very carefully painted fear and dread of getting the black paint everywhere.
The doors from the living room to the conservatory had to be blocked off to prevent the cats from putting their pesky paws on the wet paint.
Upstairs was easier as I was able to shut our more adventurous cat in our bedroom, with the sure knowledge Milly would spend the day asleep on the sofa.
Next week I will do the remaining three, I couldn't do them all in one day as it would have meant blocking off all access around the house, way too much of a risk that a paw or foot would walk on wet paint.
Last night I finished the pair of rainbow socks for Teen One...
...and during the afternoon, when in need of a sit down, I cast one this Heart and Sole yarn for my cousin's daughter in Australia.
We have a little library of vintage Ladybird books, hidden away on a bookshelf, never looked at.
So I thought I would bring out a small selection every so often for anyone to have a peek through...
...and have added them to the conservatory table.
I had to stop myself from sitting down there and then and looking through them...well maybe not the cricket one, but I did have to think of the boys when I was choosing them!
The postie came with my recent ebay purchase!
I thought I would invest in another Find It, but with a less girly colour!
Bargain at £3!
That too is on the conservatory table ( good job it has two layers, its quickly getting full up!)
Hubby's task today was to fit a garden tap, plumbing in to the downstairs loo for the water supply.
Its way too much hard work and hassle to keep fitting up the hose to the indoor tap, not to mention the mess it makes, to have a tap where the hose is permanently attached will make watering the garden so much easier.
Like everything there is planning, youtube watching and purchasing to be made.
So the real work only started around 4pm and of course a new tool had to be bought!
Then an extra visit to B&Q was needed for some cement as our old brick walls crumbled like cookies when the drill went through!
I think this little luxury has tipped the three figure price tag!
But we know have some plumbing outside...
...and plumbing inside!
In a few hours when the cement has dried I think the rest of the fittings can go on.
As its been raining all day there won't be any rush to use the hose tonight though.
I had soaked some dried fruit in cold tea earlier, ready for a tea bread, now all ready to go in the oven.
It really should have been made earlier in the week as its the sort of bake that gets moister as the days go by, and I really want it for tea tomorrow.
 I guess its been a productive day all in all and Teen Two even did the vacuuming for me, so that's one less chore!

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