Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Glimmer Of Hope

It was with much relief this morning we saw Little One had made it through the night.
Not only that, but when Little Benjy came near, it was tolerated by Little One.
Hubby said he had seen a little foraging first thing, so that was also a good sign, although there was still an awful  lot of just sitting looking sad going on.
We all went to Parent and Toddlers and I set up a little area with the blackcurrant jam I made yesterday.
I put up a sign saying all donations to local hedgehog rescue charity and left a jar open with some breadsticks for folk to taste.
By the end of the morning 7 jars had ben taken and over £10 in the kitty, so that was great, considering my outlay was only 80p!
Our Dear Old Friend, ever generous, handed me an envelope for my trouble, which I didn't accept, explaining it had only cost me 80p so she gave it to the Teens instead!
I must say, they were delighted with the payment for their rather laborious labours yesterday!
Back home  I spent the afternoon tempting Little One with various bits of food, some were accepted, some ignored...but oh the delight of seeing her forage around the edge of the grass!
Later in the afternoon I saw Little One nuzzle up to Baby Benjy who was close by eating!!
That WAS exciting!
I am hoping my theory that she is merely mourning and not ill is right, we certainly seem to have a glimmer of hope at least.
Teen Two spent an hour with her on his lap, when she did a big wee on him!
Were we upset??
Delighted she was hydrated enough to need a wee and also meant she didn't have an bladder problems!
Needless to say he took an impromptu shower in the middle of the afternoon.
Teen One spent the afternoon doing a little piano practise...
...and some sketching...
...whilst Teen Two indulged in some more baby bunny hugging.
Hubby has had a slightly painful and frustrating day.
He embarked on the long procedure of having a tooth implant...with the belief it was going to be just over £ cut a long story short (and what a long story it is!) he needed a second tooth taking out today, making it two implants...and the cost....

Well needless to say, we don't have that sort of money to spend on two teeth so the plans have been changed, but sadly we have had to spend £500 already which is money down the drain!
It has been an upsetting and frustrating day in that respect and having spoken to two other dental practices we are wiser as to how the procedure should have been explained to Hubby.
In essence, ensure you are provided with a comprehensive treatment plan first!

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