Friday, 16 June 2017

Wilting and Working!

This morning was spent doing the usual supermarket shop for the weekend, and adding the final layer to a tray of Rainbow jellies I have been making since Tuesday.
We are going to a Young People's Bible Study day tomorrow and as usual I am taking along a selection of desserts.
Tomorrow morning I will get up early to make up some batches of Jam Jar Sundaes....
...and will cut up the Oreo brownies I made this afternoon.
The rest of the day was spent wilting working with a sit down mid afternoon for a cold drink(not that I am moaning about the heat!) and some knitting, before getting ready for Friday Club.
With it being Father's Day on Sunday our craft for those who wanted to, was to make a card,
these days its not so easy to celebrate such days as many children for one reason or another don't have a father in their life.
My heart always goes out to one lad, who we have known since he was a toddler, his dad died a few years ago, but each year he makes his day a card, writes a lovely message and then takes it to the grave, makes me cry every time.

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