Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What A Transformation!

The past week my newly tiled floor has had a greyish smear all over it.
I did give it a couple of wash downs over the weekend, but needn't have worried.
The builder told me he was going to come today and clean it with special acid...
...and what a transformation!
I can't believe how good it looks!
He hasn't quite finished, there is still some sealing to do round the edges, but I am so pleased with how its starting to look.
I was initially slightly disappointed if I am honest, as the picture of the tiles I sent him had a much darker grouting, but this mid grey looks better than I originally thought.
The day for me has been one of pottering, having cups of tea, taking Teen Two to his work experience, which took almost an hour as the venue opened later than usual due to the keyholder turning up late!
I called in to see my late neighbour's son as I hadn't heard from him in a while so was a bit worried.
I didn't manage to get a response so left a note and came home, however soon after returning home he came round, having found the note.
Turns out his hearing is getting worse and he hadn't heard the bell or knocker.
Thankfully he is well, but frustrated by his house move which has come to a bit of a standstill.
After a few more chores, there was a little knitting time squeezed in whilst watching Escape to the Country....always good to dream!

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