Friday, 30 June 2017

The Joys Of A New Mop!

Today has been a "Mum's Taxi" kind of day.
With the usual trip to Lidl out of the way first thing, I headed out with Teen Two for his last day of work experience.
Seems today he actually did a bit of work and used the till!
Its hardly been a taster of real work, but he has had fun so that's something I guess!
On the way home I called in to B&Q, mainly to get some more paint, but whilst there I had a browse through the cleaning section.
I was being driven to distraction with the new floor never staying clean looking for long.
The biggest problem was a white cat and black floor is not a marriage made in heaven!
Especially in moulting season ( which is pretty much 365 days a year!)
No matter how I tried I could never get rid of all the fallen hair by brushing and its just not feasible to be getting the vaccum out all the time.
I was more than a little excited to see this large microfibre mop and when I road tested it at home...
...oh what joy!
Not only is it easy to use with the 360 degree swivel head, it glides across the tiles taking everything in its wake.
No hair is safe!
I know this wont last, but I have been doing a sweep through almost everytime I have gone out there today!
Of course with it being empty of anything right now its pretty easy to do that, with furniture and bits and bobs it wont be quite so easy, but I am so pleased with this £8 purchase!
The instructions say it can be used wet as well and is suitable for wood, vinyl and tiles.
The cover comes off for washing as well.
After a quick lunch and a red thai chicken curry put in the slow cooker, it was time to take Teen One to Winchester.
She is going camping in South Wales with some friends, for a YP Bible study weekend.
I do hope the weather is kind!
Last year she had the most horrendous hayfever and couldn't sleep, so this year she is armed with antihistamine, nasal sprays, insect repellent and goodness knows what else!
A friend was meeting up with us in Winchester to take her, so I was able to drop her off at a nearby Tesco, in the café, then head on back home for Teen Two coming out of work experience.
Our story tonight at Friday Club was The Prodigal Son and with Teen One not around to help, I needed a quick and easy tea biscuits, some pink icing, marshmallow and an icing pen made some pretty acceptable little piggies,  the kids made a pretty good job of them but I forgot to take my camera!
During the story one of the kids asked why the son didn't kill one of the pigs he was looking after if he was so hungry!

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