Wednesday, 21 June 2017

One Of Life's Happy Coincidences

For Hubby and Teen One's packed lunch today, I took inspiration from Tales From A Happy House,
jam jars of course feature a lot in our house, so I was really pleased to find a new use.
Both Hubby and Teen One really enjoyed their salads, Hubby's was accompanied by a crustless quiche, but I knew just the salad would be more than enough for Teen One.
I hope to try another salad out for them tomorrow.
I had to pop into town today for various things, and was really really excited to see a clearance section in Sainsbury's with all kinds of things I actually wanted!
For starters there were these mega bottles of shampoo, 1000ml for £3.50.....usually £10!
Teen One really rates this shampoo, so I always stock up when its on special offer, at this rate I wont need to buy any for over a year!
Next up was a whole stash of stuff from Home Baking.
I totted it up and the shelf price for all these goodies was over £30 and I got everything for 20p each, making it just three pounds!
Oh how I love a bargain!
Tomorrow is Teen One's last day in school and she asked me to buy some thank you cards and pressies for the class and staff (as instructed by Uni!)
I rather liked these cards, very educational don't you think!
The suggestion had been made that she bring in sweets for the class...but I like to be a little more innovative than that, and had I had time I would like to have knitted up something small and fun for them, however I didn't have enough notice, so something from the shops it had to be instead.
I saw these pencils and rubbers and thought they would be fun...
I also saw these little post it note animals and thought they too would be fun.
When Teen One saw them she couldn't believe her eyes!
Unknown to me she has been using the exact same owls set ( from  a different shop though) for her intervention work.
One of the girls had fallen in love with them and had asked her mum if she could have a pack when she saw them in a shop, but was told no.
So, that little girl will have a happy surprise tomorrow!
Good old "The Works!"
I must confess to doing a silent fist pump to of life's happy coincidences!

I don't often use Iceland, but had been impressed with their frozen cauliflower cheese which we had at a relative's house recently so went in to buy a couple of packets.
Whilst browsing the freezers I saw these mini Vienetta cute!
Being on special offer (£1 a box I think) I had to try them, especially as Teen Two loves that ice cream.
Today has got to be the hottest so far, and I really did feel sorry for my builder.
His "lad" was still not at work, so the builder had to single handedly load all the tiles into his van then unload them and walk them down our alley, through the garage, down the garden into the the sweltering heat!
Once again I kept him well watered with iced drinks, but at 3pm he called it a day.
I take my hat off to him I really do, it was as much as I could do to carry shopping!


  1. i'v had my eyes on those mini vienettas - whats the verdict?

  2. I didnt have one, but the Teens gave them the thumbs up. I suspect they aren't good value for money unless they are on special offer as a regular size is £1