Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Little Summer Shepherds!

Starting with last night....the builder had asked if Hubby had the time, could he finish off the job of taking up the tiles in the downstairs loo, so he could prepare the floor for tiling.
Hubby had started his a week or two ago, but abandoned it after struggling with the last few and the ones under the loo.
As usual the job was trickier than expected and in this heat not an enviable task at all.
I could hear lots of moaning and groaning, so kept calling out encouraging words to lighten the mood!
Eventually I went out to see what was going on and was stunned to see he had taken out the loo!
(which leaves the builder without access to a loo, so he will have to come into the house now!)
He had found a large lump of concrete underneath the several layers of flooring that had been laid over the years, and had decided the only way to make a decent job, and an easier one for the builder, was to take out the loo!
I only hope it eventually goes back without too much hassle.
When the builder arrived this morning he was of course surprised to see the loo in the garden and asked if we had decided to get rid of the old loo in the end!
Old loo? It doesn't seem like five minutes ago we bought it and as there is nothing wrong with it I have no intentions of replacing  it!
This morning I had promised to take Grandma to Southampton to see her niece and hubby.
He is currently in remission from cancer of the brain.
Their grandchildren were there, this little one is always serious when we first arrive and sat in her little chair weighing us up for a while!
Pretty soon she and her older cousin were entertaining us coming in with tea towels on their heads, like little shepherds!
They did this with much giggling for ages, in and out....but as soon as I got my camera out and said
"smile!" the serious face came back!
For some reason, in all this heat, Grandma decided to take down her upstairs curtains and wash them.
But the task became too much and she was unable to put them back up....so cue me doing it instead!
Putting up curtains are one of those "needs must" jobs and it was certainly hot work up that ladder!
When I came home there was nothing for it but a chillax in the garden.
The builder had gone out to buy something so I enjoyed the peace and quiet.
I really love the colours of this West Yorkshire Spinners wool, Rum Paradise its so pretty.
The builder has sealed the floor ready for the tiles to be laid tomorrow, so things should really start to take shape then!
I can then start looking for furniture to go in.
I have deliberately left it until last as I need to know what space there is,
I am loving the minimalist look out there right now!
I have yet to find storage space that I like/will fit, but need to get cracking soon or the dining room will forever be the room of doom!

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