Friday, 23 June 2017

Let The Long Summer Holidays Begin!

This morning was spent doing the usual grocery shopping, calling in to a local indoor play area to book a surprise party for the Friday Club kids and then finally back home to discover these lovely flowers  awaiting me.
My late neighbour's son had popped by and I was sorry to miss him.
The builder worked hard again, but didn't manage to finish it as he had hoped.
All the conservatory floor is down, the edging has been done...which I really like the look of and will make cleaning easy, but best of all, no skirting board to paint!
I love how he has covered in the drain as well, it all looks so neat.
He had expected to tile out the toilet area today, but realised the drop was too deep, so he had to level off the floor, which used up all of the plaster, so Monday he will get more, and also the grouting and hopefully that will be it...then the rest is down to us!

The weather has not been so hot today, thankfully...but warm enough for the bunnies to chill out in the sunshine....and talking about chilling...
...for Teen One the long summer holidays began today
and she is looking forward to just chilling for a while!

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  1. A teacher REALLY appreciates the summer holiday - even though at least half of it is usually taken up preparing for the new year - enjoy your freedom Teen one!