Thursday, 22 June 2017

"Just A Tin Box On Four Wheels"

Well I decided to get creative with the jam jars again for the lunchboxes.
Teen One had this spinach leaf/baby plum tomato/mozzarella salad....basil leaves would have been lovely, but I was using up what was in the fridge.
Hubby had a noodle salad...using left over noodles from our stir fry dinner, layered with baby spinach leaves, gherkins, grated carrots, Chinese style chicken breast...again all stuff that was in the fridge.
We also had several little bottles of soy sauce in the fridge, left over from our Sushi school in March, so that seemed an ideal accompaniment.
Both said they were lovely and perfect for this hot weather.
The morning was spent at church with Parent and Toddlers, and I also spent about 20minutes having a clear out of our junk/  stash /store spare room.
It has got beyond ridiculous as far as organisation is concerned and the only person to blame is me!
I just never have the time at the end of the groups to put left overs from activities in an orderly place, mainly because storage is not wonderful there, so each week a carrier of left over is left and so the pile grows and grows!
Its infuriating when I know I have a particular thing, but cant find it!
So, not for the first time, I started to clear out the bags and see if I could find a way of organising it all.
Its too big a job for tacking on to the start or end of toddler group, so have decided Teen One and I need to go round one morning and have a good old sort out.
I did however manage to get rid of a black sack of stuff today and also found a pile of new birthday cards I had bought a few years ago and promptly lost.
I knew they would turn up one day!

I am sure the builder was glad to have it a tad cooler today.
He has almost finished the tile laying, just has to edges to do, the loo and then the grouting.
I spent the afternoon pottering with bits and pieces of housework, and rearranging the living room yet again... and I may yet do another switch round, I think I need to sleep on it first.
My old Clio had to go in for its MOT today.
I have kind of dreaded the day, not wanting to hear it needed anything doing to it.
She has been a good little car and I feel quite attached to her, for the past year I have kept up the insurance/tax etc with the expectation Teen One would have her.
However, with Teen One still waiting to take her Pass Plus test ( the waiting list is horrendous) we don't know if keeping the Clio is going to be the most sensible option.
We have been told its more expensive to insure a new young driver on an old car than a newer car.
The Clio is also much heavier to drive than a new car....I hadn't realised until I had my own new car, so it doesn't make it an ideal car for a new driver.
What with that an the low revving issue....for an experienced driver like myself its not a problem but Teen One has found it very hard to adjust to the very high revs needed to ensure the car doesn't stall when moving away at junctions etc ( and we have had a lot of stalling during the lessons process!)
Needless to say, the phone call from the garage to say the car had failed was not what I wanted to hear.
Whilst it will only cost £200 to put the few small issues right, that is more than the value of the car.
When I spoke to the garage and asked if he could keep hold of it until tomorrow, to give Hubby and I a chance to look at what options we have, I explained that I felt rather attached to it and didn't want to just scrap it he said "remember...its just a tin box on four wheels!"
He then added...."but I have an old tin box on four wheels at home and know just how you feel!"
I suspect tonight we are going to come to the conclusion its time for her to go the scrap yard....
...seems such   a waste of a good car but head must overrule heart I fear.

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  1. The conservatory is looking fab - but I fear you may be right about the car!