Monday, 26 June 2017

How Jammy Is That!

Today is my Monday Recycled Teenager's 85th birthday.
She loves dates so I bought her a pack of soft dates and date hearts which I picked up at Home Bargains a while back.
I know she will love them and at her age she really doesn't want anything else to clutter the house with!
Unfortunately she wasn't feeling too good so didn't come out shopping, but that worked out nicely for me as, when I returned with her shopping her latest great grandchild was there...such a little sweetheart!
Back home, my friend had let herself in for a cuppa and we then enjoyed some lunch in the garden.
The builder was grouting the tiles and teaching his "lad" how to do it.
Its starting to look really nice...
...he has also laid the tiles in the loo area and I love the way the floor glides from one space to the other.
With my friend back to work it was time for me to get the laundry in/out/away, a never ending task but its lovely to see it all blowing in the breeze...
...and with the new conservatory roof I can see it from my sofa...and also the lovely blue skies of course!
Teen One was busy doing a Science assignment a week or two ago and today the results were released...she got a first!
Teen Two received confirmation of his work experience placement this week.
It is in his favourite Retro Gaming venue!
How jammy is that!
I have yet to learn what the work will entail but its likely to be resetting games, serving soft drinks and confectionery and the most important job of all, making the boss cups of tea!
Having woken up at 3.30am I am now starting to flag so it looks like an early night for me!

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  1. Well done to both teens! And i love how the conservatory is looking!!