Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Father's Day

Today is of course Father's Day, although I often say "every day is Father's Day in this house!"
The Teens presented dad with a couple of little pressies.....and as I type this Teen Two and Hubby are watching the DVD whilst munching into the sweets!
It was church as usual in the morning and I must admit I was not looking forward to going home and cooking a roast dinner in this heat!
I did suggest to everyone we ought to eat something cooler and easier to prepare when it was this can imagine the looks they all gave me!
With dinner done and dusted there was nothing for it but to retreat to the shade of the gazebo.
Grandma had a snooze in the chair, Teen One was...well you know what Teen One was doing...more course work....Teen Two was bunny hunting and Hubby was reading the flight details of planes flying overhead on an app..."that one's from Brazil" he told me!
After Grandma's nap, she joined us out in the garden and we indulged in the usual trio of games...with Teen Two getting a little help from his friend!
Once the games were over, it was time to go back to the knitting...and I have finally finished this Passion Fruit Cooler pair. They are destined for Australia so I will try and get them mailed in the week and then on to a new pair.
My local wool shop has a special offer each week, with a different theme each time...last weeks special offer was...sock wool!
So I emailed my family in Oz and got them to choose their next colours.
Tonight was church as usual, and we were glad to see a middle aged man come in, who is well known to us and comes intermittently.
He has some mental health issues and sadly had a fall out with his landlady in what sounds like a rather spectacular style!
As he has technically made himself homeless, he is unable to get housed by the council currently.
He has been sleeping rough, and to see him come in with his sleeping bag rolled up was hard to say the least.
No one wants to think of someone they know sleeping rough, but what to do about it was the problem for us.
We offered to bring him back for a meal and a bath, but he has a friend who has been feeding him and letting him wash and shave etc at his place.
We have arranged for him to meet up with one of our elders tomorrow morning at 9am, as the elder is hoping he can get something arranged for him, having worked in the housing department of the council before he retired.
Hopefully he will also be able to help with form filling and ensuring it is clearly known he has mental health issues and likely to be vulnerable.
We will ensure his basic needs are met, as discretely as possible, one worries that if too much help is given the welfare system focuses on others and other folk fall through a gap in the system.

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