Sunday, 25 June 2017

Enjoying A Usual Sort Of Day

Today has been a fairly normal day, which after yesterday's disappointments was rather a relief!
It was church as usual....
...followed by roast beef and a hastily put together apple crumble.
I didn't bother weighing the sugar out ( actually I rarely do!) and must have tipped in more than usual, as the crumble was deliciously crisp and sweet...according to the family anyway!
It did make me think if that was the reason Americans call it "Apple Crisp?"
The afternoon was the usual games fest and just a spot of knitting.
Whilst Grandma was snoozing everyone else got on with their own thing.
For Teen One it was some colouring, something she rarely does, but was obviously inspired by this pretty set she had for Christmas
Rather a nice idea, enjoy the peacefulness of some colour therapy, then share the blessing by posting to a friend and let them know you are thinking of them.
I decided I wanted to try and regain some lost ground in the conservatory.
I drew the line at painting, so concentrated on washing down the paintwork that had plaster tide marks, and also the windows and white trim.
It made the place look so much better.
The only down moment was discovering the new tiles scratch very easily and already I can see scratches!
Oh well....we generally go for the "rustic" look, nothing looks new for long aye!

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