Saturday, 24 June 2017

Can We Rewind Today Please?

Can we rewind today please?
It has been one of those days when everything we do seems to work against us!
It started with the sad drive down to We Buy Any Car.CON as they shall forever be known to us!
We went through the simple process yesterday of entering the car reg, being given a quote and told bring it down, with all the documents and we will transfer the money in to your account.
All seemed easy enough, and in fact the process was very easy and the man we dealt with was very nice indeed and we have no gripe against him.
What did frustrate us was the lack of openness on the website and TV ads.
We were quoted £150 for the car, which seemed a steal to be honest, but with not many days left for it to be legally on the road we had to make a quick decision.
Having checked it all over he just had to deduct £18 for a minor scuff ...and then the £50 fee!
The what???
The fee!
What fee?
When were we told there would be a fee?
We had assumed the price quoted included any fee.
Say what you like about ebay, they are up front about all their fees.
Well at this stage of the day we had no option but to accept it, but had we known yesterday we would have researched other quick sell sites and quite frankly would rather have given it away.
Anyway, we went away and licked our wounds and I thought, well at least it covered the £48 MOT fee I paid for needlessly for the day before!
Sadly there was more wound licking to do when we got home.
I phoned my insurance company to say I no longer owned the car and was told it would cost me £50 to cancel the policy ( which was only a month old!)
So that's £150 spent in two days on a car I no longer own!
She was such a great car too, so reliable, I just have to remind myself she paid for her keep many times over the past year, keeping Hubby on the road when his own car was in the garage for two weeks and she was a great work horse taking stuff to the dump.
So, I gritted my teeth and got on with the day.
For lunch I decided to make microwaved eggs....which I have made countless times, I made three with no problems, but the last one exploded in the microwave making a terrible noise and a worse mess!
I hasten to add they are not cooked in their shells either, just in a cup.
Hubby and Teen Two then took the old sofa to the dump, it was a shame as there was nothing wrong with it, but several responses on Freecycle didn't result in anyone actually coming for it, so it had to go.
We managed to get it on the car roof ok, but sadly when Teen Two and Hubby were taking it off, it left a dent in the car as they hadn't realised all the legs weren't off the roof as it was carefully pulled down!
So Hubby was a little annoyed about that!
Next up was to clean the flat roof above the conservatory, as every bit of wind blows grit and dirt on to the glass roof... problem with that bit, then we had to hose down the roof itself, so I climbed the ladder to put the hose on a large sheet we had lain on the roof, so Hubby could reel it in from the  flat roof...
...and that was pretty successful.
Hubby hosed everything down and all was good, until we heard the phone doing a strange ring...
the only way to stop it was disconnect it!
Then we noticed water dripping down inside the conservatory!
Some on my newly painted wall too!
It appears we had been too enthusiastic shooting the water UP in certain areas, we had hit the phone wire which had caused the phone to go funny, but lesson learnt, only shoot water the same direction as rain fall in future and that should avoid unwanted leaks!
But the most frustrating part of the day for me has been the painting.
Not just because I hate painting, but I hate it even more when it all goes wrong!
It started with me "cutting in" using the wrong paint...even though I had thought I had the right one, it was the one I had used for the beam and not the wall.
When I realised I switched to the right paint (whoever thought it would even matter being white) but the correct paint isn't the same consistency and no matter how often I paint over you can still see the cutting in paint! add insult to injury the roller ...a new roller at that...kept leaving fluff everywhere..grr that really annoys me.
So I went and got another new one from the garage, a foam one this time, which was only a tiny bit better  (no fluff, but bubbles instead!) but even then I was getting the odd bit of I decided it must be in the paint tray so went and got a new paint tray and even washed it but was still getting the odd bit of fluff, I was on the verge of giving up....
...and then as if all this wasn't enough I noticed that despite covering the floor with a dust sheet, little speckles of white paint were all over the black tiles!
Well, I was either going to throw a brick at it all, leave home, shout at someone or walk away from it all quietly and do some knitting!
You will be glad to know I quietly  walked away(well there might have been a bit of muttering about it being a blue job ) and changed into my  PJ's and watched Gogglesproggs...without doing any knitting!
I decided it was too risky to pick that up, for sure I would have dropped a stitch or two!
Having sat down for an hour and laughed at those cute kids ( especially when they couldn't get over the "old men" singing The Flood!) I feel almost myself again.
I will cook tea now....trying not to burn the pasta...then give the painting one last chance!

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  1. oops - not your finest day for sure! deep breath and start again!