Thursday, 15 June 2017

A World Record Breaker In The Family!

We really are getting spoilt with these days of sunshine aren't we!
To wake up to the sun shining really is energising, although too much throughout the day has the opposite effect and saps me of any energy at all!
This morning was Parent and Toddlers and church and I was given a bouncing 6mth old to hold for a while....what a treat! She was full of smiles and so cuddly!
Back home it was time to crack on with some touch up painting and hopefully Hubby can put back the ironmongery tonight and things will start to look better than they have in a while.
I did take some time out in the afternoon for a bit of knitting, it was bliss, in the peace and quiet with just the sound of the birds in the garden.
Aside from being taxi for the Teens my early evening has been full of making dinners, packed lunches, putting laundry away, watering the lawn etc, not very exciting...but the big new of the day is...

...Teen One has broken a world record....well her and 799 other people!
The school she is currently on placement at, along with others locally, went to the Guildhall and took part in what is now the largest djembe ensemble ( drumming to you and me!)
Their photo was taken and will be in the new edition of the book (we will be lucky to pick her out!)
The BBC were there to record it and it was supposed to be on tonight's Newsround, but doesn't seem to have made it, maybe it will be tomorrow.
Exciting stuff huh!

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